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Soon, Instagram Will Launch Striker Link


Instagram users may be familiar with how the application works in cyberspace. Of course, daily activities can be done by referring to IG. However, it is reported that Instagram will launch a Link Sticker as a replacement for the Swipe Up feature in Stories as of August 30, 2021.

Broadly speaking, the Swipe Up feature in Stories makes it very easy for business connoisseurs and creators to direct followers to external sites. For example in various personal online stores, reading the latest information and articles to other things that aim to do social promotion. But in the future, Instagram users can simply use the Link Sticker so they can display various old and latest links in Stories.

As reported by, Instagram has tested the Link Sticker many times before getting a bright spot. After the process gets approval from various parties, August 30 will be the witness for the launch of the feature.
The fact is that many Instagram users have succeeded in getting notifications or notifications about Link Sticker some time ago. The world’s famous YouTubers also compete with each other to report these developments through their personal Twitter accounts and a number of other social media.

As tweeted by YouTuber Sam Sheffer, he immediately informed the latest developments on Twitter so that his followers were more interested in using the Instagram application.

“Starting August 30, the main Swipe Up link will change to a Sticker Link. So to add the latest link to Stories, just use the latest Link Sticker,” Sheffer tweeted as quoted from The Verge.

Meanwhile, the world’s application researcher, Jane Manchun Wong has also reported the development through her Twitter account. However, he still hasn’t fully found several Link Sticker options that appear on Instagram Stories. He also felt that there were oddities that appeared after the initial launch.
However, Instagram has anticipated bad things that will happen in the future. Later they will embrace creators and start-up businesses that get official status (blue tick) or new members.

It is known that until now, account owners who have gained tens of thousands of followers can directly access the Striker Link on Stories. Meanwhile, new users have to search to get a lot of followers. Reportedly, Instagram does not discriminate against those who have new accounts or old players. Because these features can be accessed and enjoyed by all users.

But for the time being, only those who have a lot of followers get access to enjoy using the Link Sticker. Instagram will still carry out various evaluations to determine whether the feature can be much better than before or maybe not provide any progress when it first appeared.

According to circulating information, Instagram will get many benefits after launching the Link Sticker feature. The first is that account owners can freely post Stories in various styles, sizes, durations and others.
The next is that other users can directly add comments and responses to provide some valuable input or vice versa. Later these developments will make this application more advanced and continue to improve.
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