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PPKM Level 4 Has Been Running, KPK: Corruption Cases Are Increasingly Rampant

PPKM Level 4 Has Been Running

The Level 4 Community Activity Restriction Enforcement Program (PPKM) has been running in Jakarta. This causes a series of local residents’ lives to experience instability. It is proven that the program seems to destroy the future of the people affected by COVID-19. So they still follow the applicable policies.

On the other hand, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is still targeting irresponsible persons in corruption cases. They consider that cases of embezzlement of funds are increasingly rampant. Ironically, their efforts have not yet come to light on who is the mastermind behind it all.

KPK spokesman Ali Fikri reported that his party was still monitoring the allocation of COVID-19 aid funds. Reportedly they want to hack the case down to the roots. But unfortunately efforts to carry out the investigation and investigation process cannot be carried out online. Because at this time their performance must be directly related via online.
“KPK is not able to mobilize all its personnel to go directly to the field. This is because most employees have to be laid off and carry out online activities. That’s why this case cannot be handled properly,” said Fikri as quoted from IDN Times.

Face-to-face Problem
Fikri added that it was very difficult for his party to carry out their duties. For him, everything can find a bright spot if it is done face-to-face. But this time, all activities that take place must go online.
The KPK seems to be powerless in responding to corruption cases. In fact, they see an imbalance in financial conditions in COVID-19 social assistance. However, efforts to carry out an investigation until the investigation is considered ineffective this year.

“The issue of communication is very important to us. However, with an online program, we also have to run everything online. And it is still not strong enough to obtain valid information,” said Fikri.

Keep Fighting Within Limitations
Even though it is constrained by many things, it is certain that the KPK will continue to struggle within its limitations. Because their vision and mission only want to solve the problem of corruption which is still rampant until now.
Fikri does not deny that video conference meetings remain the main means to explore corruption cases. Gradually, his party did not want to be seen off guard by criminals.

“Advancing undaunted is our main goal. Limitations like this do not dampen our determination to eradicate the problem of corruption. We will also continue to do our best in carrying out various programs ranging from trial decisions, demands to indictments online,” said Fikri.

“Later on, we can see how the investigation and investigation process continues even though it is done online. Because we really want to uncover a case to solve it,” he continued.

Consider Internal and External Parties
The COVID-19 pandemic this time is really on the brink. It is impossible for the government to hold a PPKM program without looking at the risks that will occur in the future.

The KPK is reportedly still investigating the root cause of the embezzlement of these funds. Because previously, the government had also received an abundant budget for residents affected by PPKM.

Fikri explained that his party would not only consider internal routes, but also external ones. Because they believe that outsiders are also able to facilitate the KPK’s performance.

“We don’t want the allocation of funds to be misused. Like a few years ago, people have even invested some of their funds to play online gambling. Therefore, we are collecting more evidence so that the case subsides,” concluded Fikri.

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Recommendations of Video Editing Apps for Beginners commonly Used by Casino Online Player

Recommendations of Video Editing Apps for Beginners commonly Used by Casino Online Player

Recommendations of Video Editing Apps for Beginners commonly Used by Casino Online Player - Editing video can become interesting activities just as intersting as CASINO ONLINE. With various social media platforms nowadays, surely people want to upload some interesting contents, and it is better when it is video instead of photos. That is why people start to learn editing videos. However, some apps are still too complicated for beginners. They cannot learn the basics easily with those advanced apps, so in the end it will not be satisfying. That is why there are also some apps that can be suitable for beginners. The app brings simple and friendlier interfaces for beginners so they can start learning about the video editing from scratches and use their creativity to make something nice in their posts. These are some of those interesting apps.

Mobileactive - First app is Apple iMovie. It may not be convenient for users of Windows-based PCs and laptops since it is dedicated for PCs and laptops with MacOS. Regardless its specific operating system, the app is interesting and easy to use. This supports many interesting filters that can be applied on the videos and each frame easily. Then, it really supports the Apple-based device environments. Those who use iPhone and iPad will get easy access to transfer the files since it supports the AirDrop for wireless transfer. Other than these nice filters and easy connections, the app gives access for green-screen. This is something common currently since there are many editors who start using green-screen to create effects and other purposes. Since it already has specific feature for it, it is more convenient to use even for beginners.

Next, there is Nero Video. This is one of the nice options of video editing app for beginner. One of the reasons is about its price. The price is quite low for users who want to start learning video editing but they have concerns about the budgets. Then, the app gives good offers in term of its speed in processing the data and rendering the results of editing. In case of its functionality, it really provides all necessary features as the basics for editing. Learning editing will be nice since it can be good way to start stepping further to the higher level of video editing.

Thirdly, there is Corel VideoStudio. Having the name of Corel in the app, of course it is not something that people should doubt. The app may not be fully suitable for beginners. It is more suitable for those who already have known the basic. However, it does not mean that the beginners cannot try using the app. The interface is still quite comfortable and easy to understand even for those who are in their first experience in editing videos. One of the most interesting features about the app is about its motion tracking. This is something that can be found in the high-end software for video editing. The motion tracking is useful to track certain or specific object for the videos in each cut or frame. This is going to be useful for editors who want to put specific concerns on the movement of object. In term of price, it still not too high and it has one-time payment so it is still quite affordable for all things offered in the app.

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The Best Features in the BETUP Application

The Best Features in the BETUP Application

The Best Features in the BETUP Application - Every soccer gambling player is very aware of the BETUP application. This is a real money betting software that can only be accessed via an Android Smartphone. So players just open the lid of the application to carry out betting missions. The features in it vary greatly, so that bettors’ game optimization starts to look magical from the initial installation of funds.

Mobileactive - Talking about the features of the BETUP app, in this review we have leaked them all. For those who do not have it, it is expected to carry out the installation process according to the procedure and join officially. So let’s go straight to the main discussion below.

  • Bet Type

The first best feature is the type of bet. In this menu, players will not be confused when they want to play soccer gambling on any betting market. Because they are free to choose whether they want to bet on First Half, Full Time, 1 x 2, Double Chance, Odd Even, Correct Score and others. So that players will be more comfortable when betting real money. Especially when they win, they can get big profits without a long process.

  • Odds Value

    The second feature is the odds value. BETUP is also no less competitive with a number of other trusted soccer gambling sites. The odds value issued is based on the strength of each team. However, many bettors think that the value is uncertain and only focuses on weak teams. At least these conditions become the main reference for each member before playing.
  • Highest Rank

Another feature is the highest ranking. The application has provided convenience for every player to find out how much his tenure has been fought for since joining the first time. The ranking always appears every day to monthly. So the determination to become a star player is increasingly being challenged. Unlike the case on online gambling sites, no ranking occurs. So that players do not know the progress of bets that have been made.

  • Become Popular

The fourth feature is to become a popular player. Can be likened to a Referral. Players can share their success link via social media. So their names will be smelled by the public that they are able to become true winners. Efforts to become the best is not easy, because it takes mature hard work and a lot of experience. But at least this can build their quality to become reliable bettors in the future.

  • live streaming

The best feature this time is certainly very easy for players to bet on. So if they want to watch the betting matches live, BETUP has brought Live Streaming Video. So players just click on the link to enjoy the excitement of the match. Uniquely, the video is not disturbed by ads, and the buffering process is very fast. As a result, the comfort in betting begins to be felt.

  • Live Interaction

And another very special feature is none other than direct interaction. Later each player can communicate to gain confidence both before, during and after playing. It is very necessary to exchange ideas so that in the future they are able to play their best to get a share of victory. Because of course using BETUP in playing soccer gambling is highly recommended in order to feel the best and most trusted level of security.

The five features above are the best in the BETUP application. It’s time to play online soccer gambling using the Android application. Because in addition to being smooth and safe, players can also record a history of crucial wins so that they manage to pack a lot of advantages.

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Popular Battle-Royal Games among Slot Machines Fans in Recent Years

Popular Battle-Royal Games among Slot Machines Fans in Recent Years

Popular Battle-Royal Games among Slot Machines Fans in Recent Years - Games have many genres including what SLOT MACHINES has to offer. Even, various new genres keep developing since technology for the games also keep improving. There are many new consoles. Graphic and concepts of game also keep being renewed and refreshed. That is why there are many new interesting games. One of the most popular genres in recent years is battle royal. This is nice game since it is about survivability. Players play in a map with many other players by using character, and they have to survive. The last man or team standing will become the winner. During the process, there are moments to pick weapons, gears, and other items to support their survival. There are some interesting games from this genre, and these are some of them. - First, it is the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG. This is one of the battle-royal games that make the genre so popular in recent years. The game appears as the one dedicated for PC, but now there is also mobile version of PUBG although it is developed by different developer, PUBG is quite interesting to play and it shows the real battle-royal game. There are up to 100 players sent to certain map. They can loot the weapons and other items before they start to shoot and kill the enemy. There are also various types of cars and guns to make the game more challenging. It can be played as solo, but it is also possible to build a team with other players.

Next, there is APEX Legends. APEX is quite different from PUBG, and it is also the factor that makes it popular. APEX also brings the concept of battle-royal. However, PUBG brings the map as it is in the normal warzone. Meanwhile, APEX has different map and it is like from different era with more interesting maps, weapons, and technologies. Graphic of APEX can also be considered better than PUBG. Moreover, each character in the game has different skills, and these will determine the success in maintaining the survival in the game. As what is found in PUBG, there are also chances to loot the weapons and other gears. It is also possible to get weapons and other items from players who have been killed as what is found in PUBG.

Then, there is Fortnite. Fortnite is different from the other two popular battle-royal games. The Fortnite is interesting since it offers more complicated and challenging gameplay for the players. It is still about survival. There are also chances for looting the weapons and items. However, the main difference is about the additional feature in which player can build a structure or defensive wall. They are able to get the materials from building and trees, and later these can be made into wall or even building for defense and offense. Because of it, it is harder to take down the opponents, and it requires higher skills to play the game. Graphic of Fortnite becomes other interesting things. It is different from APEX and PUBG. It is more like nice animation for kids. Of course, the impression will change once players are in the map and start to play the game.

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Some Iconic Games for Online Betting Fans that Still Continue Until Now

Some Iconic Games for Online Betting Fans that Still Continue Until Now

Some Iconic Games for Online Betting Fans that Still Continue Until Now - Game becomes favorite option of entertainment especially for ONLINE BETTING fans. When someone gets bored, they can play the game that they like, and it can elevate their mood quickly. In this case, there are many kinds of game that are so interesting to play. Some new games keep emerging. The developers make various new games with interesting graphic, effect, storyline, and other else. However, there are also some games that have become iconic since the games have existed for long time, and there are developers who keep developing the games since people have become so familiar with the games. Even, it may also be fine t call these as legendary games. These are some of those games.

Mobileactive - First, there is Mario Bros. The adventure of Mario and Luigi become the core story of the game. It first appeared in platform or console of Nintendo. It was released on 1983 with the simple graphic and mission, but the game is still interesting to play until know. The sound effect, characters, and other details of the game really make people love it and remember it. That is why the Mario Bros keep developing until now. It is no longer the simple game of Mario Bros as what was found in 1983. There are more things to offer, and the games have become so sophisticated that it is more interesting. Even so, it is not too difficult so it is good for entertainment.

Next, there is Resident Evil. The game of Resident Evil has many series, and so far it has entered the eight series. The game can become one of the iconic games of PlayStation. Now, the latest game is the Resident Evil Village. This game is about zombies, and the player has mission to eradicate the zombies and find solution. In Resident Evil 1 to the latest one, the mission is different. There is also clear story that is seems like the continuation. That is why people love playing every game of Resident Evil. The terror, surprises, and other interesting things in the game make people love and even wait for the new arch in the Resident Evil.

Then, there is also Sonic. This is the nice and cute character of hedgehog. Sonic becomes the main character in the game, but there are some games where there is Knuckle as the alternative character. The main gameplay of Sonic the Hedgehog is about defeating the enemy. The main character is famous for its speed, and it is also the challenges in the game. In most games of Sonic, it is about journey to pass various kinds of tracks with hurdle. There is also mission to collect the golden ring. Sonic is also like Mario Bros that has existed for long time. The latest game of Sonic is titled Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

These are some popular games that exist for years and have various series of game. The developers of the game know that these are more than just game. They are like legends in various gaming platforms and consoles. That is why there are also many people who will always wait the new series of the game. Surely, any gamers will know the games and even they may have ever tried to play the games.

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Some Options of Potential Online Business

Some Options of Potential Online Business

Some Options of Potential Online Business - Online business becomes options nowadays. Development of technology, especially telecommunication technology, brings various possibilities of jobs. That is why there are many opportunities for those who want to start their career in online business. Although many people have tried and succeeded in this field of business, it does not mean that there is no available chance anymore. There are some references of business that can be tried. Each of them has different characteristic, and of course skills and knowledge will become important aspect to start the business. this also aplies when you play BETTING ONLINE as you need to have some aspects to be a winner. - The first one is freelancer. This is popular options recently. In recent years, there are many people who choose to become freelancers in various fields. There are many kinds of choices of freelance job with online support. For example, there is freelance content and copy writer. This is quite popular since the writers will contribute in developing traffic of websites or search engine optimization so it is needed by many companies. Then, there are also freelance designers. There are many opportunity for it, and it requires creativity to make designs. It can be design of logo, shirts, and other kinds of logo. These are some options of online freelancers that can be found and there are great opportunities with nice incomes from these jobs.

Next, people can start to launch online store. It is not necessary to personal platforms or apps. There are now many e-commerce platforms with vast range, since some platforms can work internationally. In this case, the online store can start from smaller scale. There are many kinds of stuff that can be sold in the store. Then, development of social media and websites make online stores or online shops able to provide good profits. Since it is stores, it needs good marketing, and that is why websites and social media platforms can be utilized to get full functionality of the platforms.

There is also dropshipping business. This is also similar to the online shop. In the end, it still also needs similar mechanism as the online stores. The main idea is to find supplier as partner. Then, the dropshipping owner will help the supplier to sell the products. That is why it still needs online stores or online platforms to sell the products. However, it is quite different from general online stores since dropshipping business will involve longer process. It also requires good inventory management and good coordination with the supplier.

For some people with specific skills and knowledge, they can provide online consulting service. This is not only in the aspect of psychology and counseling. It can also be consultant of finance and other fields. As what is mentioned before, the main important point is about the proper knowledge and skills. Of course, it is necessary to have good educational backgrounds and even some achievement so clients can have better trusts to take the consulting services. It also requires good connection and marketing so it is possible to let other people know. It can start by using website and social media platforms to let people know about the consulting services.