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PPKM Level 4 Has Been Running, KPK: Corruption Cases Are Increasingly Rampant

PPKM Level 4 Has Been Running

The Level 4 Community Activity Restriction Enforcement Program (PPKM) has been running in Jakarta. This causes a series of local residents’ lives to experience instability. It is proven that the program seems to destroy the future of the people affected by COVID-19. So they still follow the applicable policies.

On the other hand, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is still targeting irresponsible persons in corruption cases. They consider that cases of embezzlement of funds are increasingly rampant. Ironically, their efforts have not yet come to light on who is the mastermind behind it all.

KPK spokesman Ali Fikri reported that his party was still monitoring the allocation of COVID-19 aid funds. Reportedly they want to hack the case down to the roots. But unfortunately efforts to carry out the investigation and investigation process cannot be carried out online. Because at this time their performance must be directly related via online.
“KPK is not able to mobilize all its personnel to go directly to the field. This is because most employees have to be laid off and carry out online activities. That’s why this case cannot be handled properly,” said Fikri as quoted from IDN Times.

Face-to-face Problem
Fikri added that it was very difficult for his party to carry out their duties. For him, everything can find a bright spot if it is done face-to-face. But this time, all activities that take place must go online.
The KPK seems to be powerless in responding to corruption cases. In fact, they see an imbalance in financial conditions in COVID-19 social assistance. However, efforts to carry out an investigation until the investigation is considered ineffective this year.

“The issue of communication is very important to us. However, with an online program, we also have to run everything online. And it is still not strong enough to obtain valid information,” said Fikri.

Keep Fighting Within Limitations
Even though it is constrained by many things, it is certain that the KPK will continue to struggle within its limitations. Because their vision and mission only want to solve the problem of corruption which is still rampant until now.
Fikri does not deny that video conference meetings remain the main means to explore corruption cases. Gradually, his party did not want to be seen off guard by criminals.

“Advancing undaunted is our main goal. Limitations like this do not dampen our determination to eradicate the problem of corruption. We will also continue to do our best in carrying out various programs ranging from trial decisions, demands to indictments online,” said Fikri.

“Later on, we can see how the investigation and investigation process continues even though it is done online. Because we really want to uncover a case to solve it,” he continued.

Consider Internal and External Parties
The COVID-19 pandemic this time is really on the brink. It is impossible for the government to hold a PPKM program without looking at the risks that will occur in the future.

The KPK is reportedly still investigating the root cause of the embezzlement of these funds. Because previously, the government had also received an abundant budget for residents affected by PPKM.

Fikri explained that his party would not only consider internal routes, but also external ones. Because they believe that outsiders are also able to facilitate the KPK’s performance.

“We don’t want the allocation of funds to be misused. Like a few years ago, people have even invested some of their funds to play online gambling. Therefore, we are collecting more evidence so that the case subsides,” concluded Fikri.