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List of Free Mobile Applications Suitable For Those Of You Who Want To Learn Foreign Languages

List of Free Mobile Applications Suitable For Those Of You Who Want To Learn Foreign Languages

Mastering multiple languages ​​is everyone’s desire. Of course not everyone can learn all foreign languages. But for those of you who want to learn a foreign language, you can easily use an application on your mobile.
Even in Indonesia itself a foreign language is an international language. One way that you can use to master a foreign language is to learn through social media. For that, there are several applications that make it easier for you to learn foreign languages:

Memorise is an application on mobile that makes it easy for you to learn foreign languages. Even Memorise also provides 14 foreign languages ​​that you can use to learn foreign languages.
Starting from French, Spanish, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish. Then there is also Norwegian to Danish. The advantage is that you can get light and interesting language lessons.

Mondly Languages
Then the second application is Mondly Languages ​​which is an application that provides conversations in foreign languages. If the previous application only provided 14 languages, this application managed to provide 32 foreign languages.

Starting from English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian. Then there are American English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Korean, and various other languages.

Then this Babbel application provides at least 14 foreign languages ​​that you can learn easily. Call it like Spanish, French, Italian to various other languages.
Meanwhile, the level can be adjusted according to the wishes of each. So you can learn easily according to the level of learning. Don’t forget you can download the application directly on social media.

Duolingo is a free foreign language learning application that makes it easy for you to learn foreign languages. Even the available foreign languages ​​can be estimated at more than 10 foreign languages. Not only that, the learning method is also interesting and much liked.

The Busuu application is here for those of you who want to learn vocab to grammar just by using this application. In Busuu, you can try various foreign languages, about 12 foreign languages ​​are available in this application.

Hi Native
Hi Native can be one of your study recommendations to learn many languages. There are at least more than 100 languages ​​that you can learn here. The way of learning is also interesting, you can immediately use a foreign language there.

By using this application, of course, you can use it to find friends to learn foreign languages. Even if you want, you can ask how the tips and tricks for learning a foreign language are.

Who doesn’t know Tandem? Tandem is an application for learning foreign languages ​​that can be used to learn foreign languages ​​with friends from various countries. You can even enter into a group from photos, videos to sound.
Those are some applications that you can use to learn foreign languages. You can even directly search for applications to learn foreign languages ​​on the Google Play Store or App Store. Don’t forget to try one of the apps to learn a foreign language. How? Which application have you tried?

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Recommended Free Mobile Applications, Suitable For Watching Movies

Recommended Free Mobile Applications, Suitable For Watching Movies

Looking for free mobile apps to watch movies is now easy to find everywhere. Starting from western films to local films, it will be easy for you to use. Now you don’t need to go to the cinema to watch movies, you can watch them directly from home.

This might happen because the Google Play Store always makes it easier for users to find free movie watching applications. For that, you can just try the free watching application below:

Iflix is ​​an application for watching original and free movies. There are even many films that you can watch from China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and various other countries. Even Iflix also provides new features, one of which is being able to watch your favorite scenes easily.
The trick is you just tap the screen 2 times both backwards and forwards for only 10 seconds in the video. You will also find a variety of favorite categories that you want and are free to choose the image quality.

Who doesn’t know Viu? This free movie watching application is also easy to use. You just need to download the Viu application on the Google Play Store. You can immediately enjoy the various shows that are available.
Starting from dramas, movies and Kshows, there is also the Viu application. Don’t worry if you want to save quota, just download the video. Because you can directly watch movies sparingly using only the offline feature.
Starting from Thai dramas, Chinese dramas, Anime, K-shows and various other dramas. In addition, Viu provides a variety of genres ranging from action films to horror films. No need to worry when watching movies because Viu provides Indonesian and English subtitles.

Maxstream is a movie watching application that was released directly by Telkomsel and has won more than 10 million downloads. There are so many various features that you can get such as having various catalogs.
Starting from the catalog of catchplay, HOOQ, Nickelodeon Play to VIU. MAXstream also provides various programs ranging from movies, tv series to sports shows. You are also entitled to a viewing package from Telkomsel.

Then the fourth application is Catchplay, a free viewing application that gives you the convenience of watching movies or series. One of the advantages you can get is that you can watch movies 24 hours for free.
Even the films offered are varied, not just local films. But there are also blockbuster films to art house films are also there. If you ever miss watching a movie you like, you can watch it right away on Catchplay

Popcornflix is ​​a free movie application that has the best quality. You can also watch it on various devices ranging from cellphones, smart tvs, tablets, to PCs you can use easily.
Now watching movies is not as difficult as it used to be, you can directly watch them online. In fact, you also don’t need to pay at all, but just use one of the applications you want. How? Already understand the application above? If you’re curious, don’t forget to try it. Happy holidays and feel the sensation of watching free movies.