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Recommended Applications On Mobile, Suitable For Free Online Learning

Recommended Applications On Mobile, Suitable For Free Online Learning

Now, if you want to learn for free, you can take advantage of free online applications. During the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, everything has been done online. But with the presence of several applications, of course, it is hoped that it can ease the burden on students.

It turns out that to get additional learning, you don’t need to spend at all. But you can just choose the various applications you want. For that, here are some applications that you can try:

Study House
Learning House is an official application developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The uniqueness of this Learning House has various features. Examples such as virtual laboratories and can be used as a substitute for laboratories in schools.
There are many features provided, ranging from digital classes, electronic school books to language and literary works. Make no mistake, with complete features, of course, students and teachers can open learning applications for free.
Kipin School 4.0
This free learning application can be used from elementary to high school or vocational school. In addition, you will also get a system of exams and practice questions to practice their respective abilities. There are even hundreds of books belonging to the Ministry of Education and Culture that you can try.
One of the advantages you get is to learn the practice questions easily. This is in order to find out where the competence of the learning process has reached. How about trying?

Our table
Our table is one of the discussion forums that you can use for those who have a high organizational spirit and discussion. In fact, there are many questions and answers that you can get. Even this application can be used by several levels of education. Starting from elementary, junior high, high school up to vocational schools were there. You don’t even have to pay money at all, but you can just learn it right away.

Online Learning Media
Online Learning Media Application is one application that makes it easy for you to learn. Because this application also provides a variety of interesting learning videos. Perfect for those of you who like to learn audio visuals. In addition to online learning, this program is also widely used by people to make learning guides, you can see many slot online sites that use this learning media for beginners.

Icando is the third application and has been recommended by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Even interestingly, this Icando application provides minigames features. The presence of these minigames can certainly increase the spirit of learning. Especially for those of you who have children at the PAUD level. Don’t worry, there are lots of games that you can play. So you can choose games at the PAUD level according to their respective wishes.

Then there is the Cerebrum application that can be a place of learning for you. There are so many things you can get. Starting from try out, consultation, rationalization, information, majors to various other things.

This free learning application has just been released since 2015, the concept is similar to a course system. So there are lots of experienced instructors who can provide various kinds of learning courses.

Google For Education
Google For Education comes with various services such as chromebooks to G-suite. Don’t worry even if the connection is low, you can still access this application. In order to provide convenience for various people who find it difficult to reach the network. Now if you want to learn easily, you can try one of the applications above. How to download it is easy, just type the name of the application you want. Hopefully this article can help you.