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Applications on Mobile Gadgets to Replace the Power Button

Power Button

Currently, applications have various functions and forms that provide convenience for smartphone users to do various things on their smartphones. Even special applications are also made to replace existing functions on smartphones such as the Gravity screen application which has the function of replacing the power button. This application is different from ordinary smartphone applications that deal with the problem of turning on and on the screen without going through the procedure that usually has to be done, namely pressing the power button.

This application turns on the screen by itself using a number of sensors to identify the situation where the smartphone is placed so that anyone who uses this application can take the smartphone they have and the screen will instantly turn on. This facility makes the power button no longer need to be used to turn the smartphone on and off. When the smartphone is taken and placed in a position facing the face, the screen will light up and the smartphone owner can open the screen with a code, pattern, fingerprint or other screen security system that is a feature of the smartphone. This means that the security of the smartphone is maintained because the Gravity Screen application does not make the smartphone automatically accessible.

If this application can make the screen turn on by itself, this application can also make the screen turn off by itself. This is a system that makes a smartphone that has been used can be directly inserted into a trouser pocket or bag and the screen will turn off by itself without having to press the power button. Smartphones can also identify other conditions, namely when the smartphone is placed on a table. When the smartphone has been used and placed on the table, the smartphone will immediately turn off so that the screen cannot be accessed by anyone until it is taken back by the smartphone owner for use.

The power button can be turned off completely so that it doesn’t have any effect on the screen when used but still has a number of other functions such as when taking photos or various other features. This function makes a smartphone that has a damaged power button can still be used without problems.

There are many situations where the Gravity Screen application is urgently needed. Apps like this can be of great help not only for people who can’t use the power button but also for people who have difficulty using their power button due to physical limitations or a situation that restricts the use of their fingers freely. The application also has a system equipped with various settings so that a user can freely set when their screen will turn on and when the screen will turn off.

Of course this app has fish and has special features reserved for premium users. By purchasing premium access one can get rid of all the ads present in this app and if app users want all the features and freedom to customize their screen then this premium access is something very important to have. However, using the app for free is sufficient for some simple assistance.

Another thing to note is that this application will consume more energy from the smartphone battery so don’t be surprised if the battery drains faster than it should. Most observers suspect this is because the app uses the camera feature constantly to allow sensors to understand the situation from a smartphone. Apart from these problems the Gravity Screen app is an excellent app.