Experimental Ring Tones

Posted by Eric Gundersen on Oct 18, 2005

Here are a couple of ring tones that I made last week after being inspired from the Mobile Active conference. Feel free to pass them around and post your feedback so I can make them better :).
- Bush, “Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job,” overlaid with Arlo Guthrie’s “The Train They Call the City of New Orleans” (listen: streaming download: mp3 | amr)

- Bush on pre-war intelligence, mixed with some British rock/punk including Billy Bragg and Califone. (listen: streaming download: mp3 | amr)

- Take two of “Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job,” with Arlo Guthrie. (listen: streaming download:| mp3 | amr)

The political focus of these ring tones started after talking to Tonyo Cruz from TXTPower http://www.txtpower.org/ who gave me my first ring tone that didn’t come with my phone. It was the Hello Garci tone (read about it on CNN).  

Tonyo gave me a CD with different versions that were passed around last spring during the huge protests against the election fraud. I have attached the different ring tones below this post.

I also talked with Evan Henshaw - Plath about Riot.ton.es, a distribution system for cell phone ring tones by grassroots activists that he is currently working on.   Jo Lee had a great write up on Evan’s work on the wiki here.

Track01.cda44 bytes
Track02.cda44 bytes


Another thought would be hooking into http://www.txtmob.com and having a link next to the ringtone saying “send link to my phone” at which time you could just enter your phone number and use txtmob’s sms gateway to send the link.

homemade ringtones

You are exactly right. It is not easy and I don’t really have an idea right now how it could be easier to help make it more main stream.


If your friend has one the best way to get it is via IR, phone to phone.  Now you can also do this with an IR slot on your computer after you have downloaded it from a site…. But older phones don’t have this.


Since I have a camera phone I new I could send MMS (multimedia messages), which can handle attachments, so I sent myself an email via MMS on my phone (because I had no idea what my email address for the phone was) and the just replied to that with the attached ringtones.


All that said is a lot of services that allow you to make your own just have you go to their website via the phone’s browser and have you download it… they just send you an sms with the link… not a great system because I can’t copy and past here… so I have to write this crazy randomly generated link down and then wait the 5 minutes for my browser to load.


What I want to see is how you could use the enclosure tag in RSS to help people subscribe to ringtones and get them to their computer or on some program like iTunes (since they do podcasting now) which could then have an interface to email you the tones?  Here is a ringtone feed if you are interested: http://feeds.feedburner.com/developmentseed/ringtones

homemade ringtones

Eric-- Can you explain more how one gets a homemade ringtone onto your cellphone? I explored this briefly during the Rasiej campaign and was told that there was no simple way to do it. Micah

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