Celebrate The Day of Love with Mating Call Ringtones

Posted by CorinneRamey on Feb 11, 2008

This Valentine's Day, forget the chocolate, roses, and poetry-filled greeting cards. Instead, consider surprising your love with ringtones of animal mating calls available for download to North Americans at eNature.com.

The site features 20 different ringtones with more to come in the future. Current animals include a lovelorn howler monkey, a horny tree frog, a lonely African lion, various birds, and many other species. The ringtones can be downloaded at no cost. And if you are curious and want to learn more, each mating ringtone page contains a description of the animal's mating habits and calls. We are sure you'll be able to delight your love there.

eNature.com is an online resource for information about American plants and wild animals, and has a database of information about almost 6,000 different species. The ringtones are downloadable via ringtone site Myxer.

Don't want to hear a randy howler monkey every time your phone rings? The Center for Biological Diversity offers free endangered species ringtones (of the non-mating variety?), and at Ringtones08.com you can upload and downloard your political ringtones - with a quite a few focused on the American presidential election. You can also read more on the popularity of ringtones-for-good on the MobileActive blog.

Photo credit to Dey.

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