SMS in Action: Mapping Out SMS Systems for Social Impact

Posted by ccarlon on Sep 30, 2011

SMS in Action is an interactive crowdmap that allows users to submit and search for SMS-based systems that aim (or claim) to have a social impact.  The map can be filtered by categories including Agriculture, Health, Emergency/Disaster Services, Banking, Economic Development, Information and Media, Education, and Governance with many of these categories dividing into further subcategories. Reports may also be filtered by report date.

Corresponding markers on the map can be clicked giving the user the option to zoom in/out or get more information. While clearly still in its early stages, the map has a lot to offer. A quick search for disease programs under medical/health returned over a dozen hits across the map. Additionally, users may subscribe to receive location-specific email alerts whenever a report is posted within 20 miles of a designated area.

Both commercial and non-commercial users can submit reports to the map with information about the system, links to external websites, and multimedia. Reports can be submitted by web form, email to, or by tweeting with hashtag #SMSinAction.

According to the site, the purpose of the map is to "act as a resource to locate the wider range of SMS-based system deployments providing information or services to underserved individuals or populations around the world." Check it out! 

SMS in Action

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