Another Use of Ringtones -- Catch a Leopard!

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jul 06, 2007

An end of the week story that is amusing, unless you are the leopard:

The Chicago Tribune reported a few weeks ago from Gujarat, India about an ingenious use of ringtones.

"So far six leopards that have strayed too close to villages have been lured into traps by ringtones playing the calls of roosters, goats and cows, said H.S. Singh, chief conservation research officer in the state of Gujarat.

"Now instead of using live bait, sounds of animals have been downloaded as ringtones on mobiles, which are attached to speakers kept behind cages and then played at regular intervals," Singh said Tuesday.  "The leopard drawn by the sound is an unsuspecting victim," Singh said, adding that the trick worked only at night.

All the leopards were released unharmed in forests away from the villages, Singh said.  Thousands of leopards roam the Indian countryside, but continued loss of habitat has forced them into more frequent contact with villagers."



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