MobileActive Strategy Guides in Arabic Now Available - استراتيجيات استخدام الهاتف الخليوي لإشراك المجتمع المدني: الجزء الثان

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jan 03, 2008

We are very pleased to announce the first set of translations of MobileActive's Strategy Guides into Arabic. Thank you to the National Democratic Institute for its pro-bono support for the translation.

Mobile phones have become a powerful emerging tool for participation in civil society. The MobileActive series of Strategy Guides, now in Arabic, examines the effectiveness of civil society organizations using mobile phones to build their constituent lists, influence political causes, and raise money. In the Guides we aggregate strategies, case studies, and lessons learned to encourage the adoption of mobile phones by nonprofits.

This series of Strategy Guides is designed to equip organizations around the world with the know-how to deploy effective mobile campaigns for a variety of types of activism and advocacy.

Strategy Guide #1 in Arabic: Using Mobile Phones in Election Monitoring/استراتيجيات استخدام الهاتف الخليوي في الحملات الانتخابية وحملات تسجيل الناخب

Strategy Guide #2 in Arabic: Using Mobile Phones in Advocacy Campaigns/استراتيجيات استخدام الهاتف الخليوي في إطار حملات المدافع

Strategy Guide #3 in Arabic: Using Mobile Phones in Fundraising Campaigns/اعتماد الاجهزة الخليوية في حملات جمع الام

The MobileActive Strategy Guides are made possible with support from the Surdna Foundation, a leader in supporting civic engagement and the use of technology in nonprofit organizations.


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