MobileActive Strategy Guide 2 in Arabic - Using Mobile Phones in Advocacy Campaigns

We are pleased to announce the translation into Arabic of MobileActive's Strategy Guide#2: Using Mobile Phones in Advocacy Campaigns.

Thank you to the National Democratic Institute for this in-kind translation support.

This second MobileActive Guide focuses on using mobile phones in issue advocacy. The guide features case studies from around the world, strategies for using mobile phones in advocacy work, and a how-to section for advocacy organizations considering using mobile phones to advance their causes.

We are featuring mobile campaigns, share best practices, successes and failures, what to consider strategically and tactically when engaging in a mobile campaign as an advocacy organization or campaign, and give a wealth of resources and tips.

Download the MobileActive Strategy Guide #2 in Arabic (pdf).

This Guide was written by Michael Stein, a U.S. based Internet strategist, and edited by Katrin Verclas, coordinator of