November Mobile for Development (or just techie) Event Round-Up

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Oct 27, 2009

After the hectic month of October where there were way too many events focused on mobiles for social impact, November is a bit more technically focused. To help you find your way in this fast-moving world, we’ve compiled a round-up of some key events that are taking place throughout the month of November.

DroidCon Nov. 2-4 (Berlin, Germany) DroidCon is the first Android business and developer conference in Germany. It covers everyting you want to know about the Open Handset Alliance mobile platform. Not focused on mobiles in social impact, but an indication that Android is starting to hop.

iPhone Developer Summit Nov. 2-4 (Santa Clara, CA, USA) Technical sessions explore web development opportunities on the iPhone, including building social applications and developing high-quality, iPhone-style web-based GUIs for applications.

mHealth New Zealand Nov. 6 (University of Auckland, New Zealand) This conference will bring together researchers, health services and mobile communications technology expertise, focusing on sharing experiences and looking ahead to the future of m-health in New Zealand; and how improvements in mobile communication technology can be used to improve the reach and efficieny of health services.

AfricaCom 2009 Nov. 11-12 (Cape Town, South Africa). Now entering its 12th year, AfricaCom is the longest established and largest annual Pan-African telecom event. Having evolved to reflect the current market dynamics, the event embraces the entire telecommunications landscape in both its multi-streamed Congress and accompanying Exhibition.  It continues to offer African telcos the chance to meet new and existing suppliers of the highest caliber, discuss the future direction of their business, and plan for their expansion.

GSMA Mobile Asia Conference Nov. 18-19 (Hong Kong, China) The GSMA Mobile Asia Congress will focus on addressing operator issues and advancing operator projects through a combination of regionally-specific keynotes, working sessions, a product showcase, and extended networking opportunities.

Mobile Developer Conference Nov. 28 (Hydrarbad, India)-29 (Bangalore, India) This event attracts architects, developers, and industry technical experts dedicated to working with mobile platforms. There will be over 250 developers focused on mobile development coming together to learn, meet and explore the many options for building applications on various platforms.

Coming up in December: Heads up for a workshop we are co-organizing: Everybody Texts Now: A Workshop on 'Data from Below' in the Middle East.

Image Courtesy .m for Matthijs on Flickr.

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