MobileActive Strategy Guide 3 in Arabic - Using Mobile Phones in Fundraising Campaigns

This third MobileActive Guide, translated by the National Democratic Institute into Arabic, focuses on using mobile phones in fundraising campaigns/اعتماد الاجهزة الخليوية في حملات جمع الام  . The guide features case studies from around the world, strategies for using mobile phones in fundraising, and a how-to section for organizations considering using mobile phones to generate support for their work.

We describe the current state of fundraising via mobile phone, it's promise, and shortcomings at this point. We feature a number of case studies from around the world, what we learned about effective fundraising via mobile phone, what the state of the technology is at this point, and where it's headed. We provide useful tips and resources for those who want to try using mobiles in their fundraising campaigns.

Download MobileActive Guide #3 in Arabic: Mobile Phones in Fundraising Campaigns (pdf).

This MobileActive Strategy Guide was written by Michael Stein, a U.S.-based Internest strategist, and edited by Katrin Verclas, coordinator of

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