MobileActive Values

MobileActive is also poised to demonstrate and evaluate a new model for a peer-learning network and knowledge community.  We are not a traditional organization, but a network of people developing a culture of activism and civic engagement with mobile technology tools:

  • MobileActive participants unite to solve and work collaboratively on issues.
  • MobileActive is open and highly participatory. 
  • Practices, projects and processes are transparent.
  • MobileActive, by definition, is global, diverse, and heterogeneous.
We have a clear sense of what makes our work different and successful:
  • Investments in people over investments into technology
  • Demand-driven services and a close ear to the ground to always keep the needs of the user community – those of human rights, environmental, and civic activists – at the forefront
  • Flexible tools that evolve quickly as the industry is rapidly changing
  • Distributed support so that “MobileActives” are strong, connected to each other, and can help and support each other.

This is an exciting time to be engaged in this work. MobileActive is at the cusp of the incredible innovation across the globe in the use of mobile phones for peaceful civic and social change.  This network is poised to share, foster, develop, scale, and improve upon these innovations to make the world a better place.  Is is also a lively and promising experiment in the power of a community to collaborate across national borders, issue areas, cultural dimensions, and goals.