MobileActive Toronto Declaration

"Mobile phones serves communication. Communication serves humanity. Humanity serves social change. MobileActive: tech4people changing the world."

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The longer declaration of Intent for MobileActive:

From 22-24 September 2005, organizations and activists from across the world working on the use of mobile/cellular technology for activism met in Toronto to better understand the strengths and limits of the medium and to disseminate lessons learned, as well as strategically to increase activists' ability to organize constituencies with this new technology.

Mobile phones and SMS have become one of the coolest gadgets on the planet and can be used in new ways to connect the people of the earth.

We affirm that:

• Communications technology is a right derived from the inalienable right of freedom of expression;

• Without "The People" mobile technology means nothing. Thus, the technology shall be used as a people-centred tool to maximize social good, justice and equality;

• Technology can and shall be viewed as a public good requiring worldwide democratic access; including open standards for hardware and software;

• Mobile technology offers the opportunity for reflecting an inclusive, democratic and compassionate voice for social justice. Put in the hands of the people and social movements, mobile phones and SMS can produce positive results for the common good;

• Mobile technology be maximized as a tool to break down barriers of language, gender, race, class, and sexual orientation;

• Socially and ecologically responsible production and retirement of mobile phones is a must, as well as the ability to recharge them with renewable energy;

• The use of mobile technology be maximized in networking, mobilization, education and training to the end of creating a just world and in the fight against oppression.

• Finally, we acknowledge that the growth of mobile/cellular technology is not universal and thus reflects existing global political, social and economic inequalities.  We work towards making it available to everybody for the world's people to advance their welfare.