Slow Blogging -- We are Relaunching!

Posted by admin on Apr 21, 2009

We are excited to announce that we are completely overhauling the website, and as a result of thehard work happening behind the scenes, we are slow to blog this month.  But no worries -the wait will be worth it! 

This relaunch, after a great two-year run, will feature lots of new content and information.  For example, you will see:

  • a completely overhauled and brand-new mobile apps database, a research studies database, and new how-to section- all searchable, tagged, and cross-referenced so you can find lots of related content;
  • a comprehensive data set on costs and acccess in all countries with new data from public and proprietary sources;
  • new content and case studies of mobile deployments that, together with aps, how-tos, and research studies is organized in these areas: health, citizen media, democratic participation, disaster and humanitarian relief, environment, and economic development;
  • new user profiles so that you can find other people who do what you do or like to learn about; 
  • and a nice, clean, brand-spanking new design and logo.

We are very excited for the launch and can not wait for you to try it all out.  Thanks for the patience, love, great community that you are, and all of the fabulous work you are doing!



Yes, we are doing a soft launch at the end of next week and then, إن شاء الله, full blast in two weeks when people had a chance to update their data  :)  

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