September Mobile Tech Salon: About Women. For Everyone.

Posted by anoushrima on Sep 08, 2010


This month, NYC will be abuzz (and grid-locked in traffic) with leaders and practitioners in town for two high-profile gatherings focused on international development: The UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals and the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting.

With that opportunity and energy in mind, this month’s Tech Salon (on Thursday Sept. 23rd) is themed “Mobiles for Women & Women in Mobile” - calling attention to the growing role of mobile technology in development, and particularly the role and needs of women in this field. 

Through a mix of short presentations on projects & research, we will take a closer look at: 

  • How do we respond to the societal needs of women, help improve women's livelihoods, and reduce barriers to mobile phone access?
  • What can we learn from the latest research and projects focused on providing services to women over mobile?  
  • How are gender issues represented in policymaking and design of programs in the ICT and international devlopment community?

We have a full roster of leading professionals who will be presenting projects and cutting-edge research through short ignite-style talks and in an interactive marketplace showcasing this dynamic field:

  • Patty Mechael, The Earth Institute, Columbia University
  • Trina DasGupta, GSMA Development Fund
  • Erica Kochi, UNICEF Innovation
  • Linda Raftree, Plan International
  • Anne-Roos Weil, Pesinet
  • Priyanka Matanhelia, John's Hopkins University 
  • Rowena Luk, Dimagi 
  • Katie Highet & Amber Houssian, SoukTel
  • Abby Goldberg, Digital Democracy
  • Kokoevi Sossouvi & Karen Doyle Grossman, Mercy Corps
  • Bukeni Waruzi, WITNESS
  • Adele Waugaman, United Nations Foundation/Vodafone Foundation Partnership
  • And more...

Of course, this is by no means an event exclusively for women! We eagerly and especially invite our male colleagues to be active and engaged in this important conversation.

Mobile Tech Salons are a regular gathering of people passionate about mobile technology for social change. Motto:  We bring the drinks - you bring your projects, passions, tools, and conversation!

Register here:

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