December Events Roundup

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Dec 07, 2010

There are plenty of events happening this December to keep you up to date on all your mobile needs. Developer looking for a project? Researcher wanting to meet others in your field? No problem, there are plenty of mobile events for everyone! Event:

9 December, Tech Salon: Mobiles + Art + Activism (New York City, U.S.A.) For our last tech salon of the year, we'll be hosting an event that brings together art, mobiles and activism. Featuring artists and activists who use mobile phones in innovative and creative ways, our December tech salon will have installations and discussions with the artists (and, as always, food, wine, and great conversations). Sign up here!

Other Events:

1-3 December, Pulse Camp 1.0 (New York City, U.S.A.) Global Pulse is hosting its first-ever Pulse Camp. The three-day, invitation-only event has the goal of developing a free and open source platform for real time data analysis.

2-3 December, mHealth Africa Summit (Accra, Ghana) Featuring case studies of projects and panels led by researchers, doctors, and practitioners, the mHealth Africa Summit looks at the potential of ICTs for improving healthcare practices in Africa.

2-3 December, Market Research in the Mobile World: The Next Frontier (Berlin, Germany) This two-day event describes itself as a "highly interactive event [that] will bring together top researchers and practitioners to discuss new challenges and opportunities of leveraging mobile devices as a new way for collecting data and capturing customer insights." If you're curious about using mobiles for research, this is the event for you.

4-5 December, Random Hacks of Kindness (Worldwide) The second Random Hacks of Kindness is a worldwide event that brings together developers and hackers for a weekend of coding; this RHOK event is themed around natural disaster risk and response, and developers of the best projects will win prizes. The event is held on five continents, and has multiple satellite locations set up for hackers who can't make it to the main stages.

6-8 December, World Summit Award: Mobile (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.) The World Summit Award now has a special branch devoted to mobile content and development, and will host the first Winners' Conference this December. The winners of the WSA-mobile awards will present panels on their projects and lead discussions about the uses of mobiles and ICTs for development. 

13-16 December, ICTD 2010 (London, U.K.) This event "aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and all those with interests in the use of information and communication technologies in development practice to meet to discuss the latest research advances in the field. Building on the success of its predecessors, ICTD2010 will combine two days of plenary peer-reviewed paper sessions, with two days of workshops, panel sessions, discussion forums, and demos."

Photo via Flickr user WhiteAfrican

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