February Events Round Up

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Jan 31, 2011

February is here and it's a big month for mobile technology and social development events! Read on for a roundup of what's happening this month, and please feel free to add your own events in the comments.

7-11 February, Social Media Week (worldwide) Nokia is sponsoring Social Media Week, a worldwide series of events that focuses on technology and social media. While not all the events are mobile-related, check out the website for details about events in New York City, San Francisco, Rome, Paris, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London, Hong Kong and Istanbul.

10 February, Open UN - Engagement in the Age of Real-Time (New York City) Global Pulse is participating in Social Media Week, hosting a series of panels and presentations. This event focuses on using innovative technology during crises, creating open governments, and using technology to gather and disseminate real-time information.

11 February, Tech@State: Open Source (Washington, D.C., USA) Curious about open source technology and what it means for governments? The latest Tech@State event examines access and security issues, what the government can learn from organizations using open source, and how governments can encourage open source development.

14-17 February, Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain) The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest events in the mobile industry. With awards for innovative mobile solutions, a series of lectures and presentations from leaders in the mobile industry, and more than 1300 companies demonstrating products, the Mobile World Congress is a huge meeting place for those interested in mobiles.

16-17 February, Intelligent Infrastructure: The Architecture of Progress (New York City, USA) This two-day event is part of the Ideas Economy series. It brings together panelists to discuss how to plan for the massive infrastructure changes that will be coming due to world population increases; everything from energy and transportation to information sharing and city planning will be discussed at Intelligent Infrastructure.

28 February - 4 March, Ted2011 (Long Beach, California, USA) The theme of this TED conference is "The Rediscovery of Wonder." Bringing together speakers from all over the world, TED conferences combine lectures, tech demos, videos and more to create an interactive learning environment.

Varying dates, Mobile Monday (worldwide) Want to meet up with people in your area with an interest in the mobile industry? Mobile Monday hosts monthly events in over 100 cities around the world that focus on everything from mobile in retail (7 February, Johannesburg, South Africa), voice tools for apps (7 February, Tokyo, Japan), or raising venture capital for mobile projects (15 February, New York, USA).


7-9 March, AnDevCon (San Francisco, USA) If you're interested in building and monetizing Android apps, check out the AnDevCon for workshops, classes, and presentations.

26-27 April, Advancing the New Machine: Human Rights & Technology Conference (Berkeley, California, USA) This event brings together human rights practitioners and technologists to discuss the progress, successes, and challenges of using technology for human rights. Topics include: mobile data collection, mapping and geospatial innovations, security, databases and database management, and long-range data transmission.

4-5 June, Mobile and Web Technologies in Social and Economic Development (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) This conference has opened up a call for papers for those wishing to participate. People and organizations with interest in the role of mobile phones and the Web in social and economic development are invited to submit statements of interest, abstracts or position papers by email to team-m4d-ws-submit@webfoundation.org.

Image via Flickr user shoehorn99

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