September Events Round-Up

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Aug 31, 2010

[NEW EVENTS ADDED] After a slow August, September is bursting with events. Mark your calendars, there's something for everyone this month! And, as always - if you know of other events of note for this community, please add them in the comments!

Our Events:

23 September, Women and Mobile Tech Salon (New York, NY, USA) MobileActive is hosting a tech salon this month to discuss mobile tech and the particular needs of women to improve their lives, health, and economic status.

We will have short talks by women leaders in the mobile tech-for-social-change field. Register here!

Other Events:

8-9 September, 2nd International mHealth Networking Conference (San Diego, CA, USA) This event brings together mHealth practitioners from around the world to discuss their projects. The panel discussions this year focus on many different aspects of mHealth (from using mobiles for data collection, to developing mobile medical reminders, to developing diagnostic applications) with presentations of specific case studies. 

9-14 September, IBC Conference (Amsterdam, Netherlands) IBC 2010 is a conference for media professionals (from both the entertainment and news sides) to discuss the state of the industry. The year, one of the major themes will be new technology - including mobiles - and how things like mobile apps can be incorporated into media strategies. 

[NEW] 10-11 September, Over The Air (London, U.K.) Over The Air is a "free developer event and hack-a-thon that [...] seeks to inform, energise and empower mobile "builders" to work with each other to create great stuff. Over the Air is a place where developers, designers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and academics can come together to celebrate, discuss, learn, chill and geek out for 24 hours of intense fun."

13-14 September, AppNation (San Francisco, CA, USA) AppNation is an entrepreneurial-focused conference for people interested in developing and monetizing apps. 

20-21 September, Mobile 2.0 (Silicon Valley, CA, USA) Mobile 2.0 covers mobile applications and services, mobile ecosystems, and disruptive mobile innovation while also discussing how to create business models and monetize mobile services.

20-24 September, Design for Mobile (Chicago, Il, USA) This three-day event "is a conference focused on strategy and tactics for user research, product definition, usability testing, interaction and design" in mobiles. The event highlights the importance of creating highly usable designs to improve users' mobile experiences.  

[NEW] 21 September, ICT4D: Innovation & the Millennium Development Goals (New York, NY, USA) This tech salon brings together practitioners using ICT4D around the world to achieve millennium development goals. This event is part of the UN Week Digital Media Lounge

21-23 September, Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting (New York, NY, USA) This year's Clinton Global Initiative will focus on four themes: "Empowering Girls and Women, Strengthening Market-Based Solutions, Embracing Access to Modern Technology, and Harnessing Human Potential."

27-28 September, Mobile Monday Summit 2010 (Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia) The 10-year anniversary celebration of Mobile Mondays spans two cities for a three-day event. In addition to speakers presenting their work with mobiles, the event also highlights Nokia, Skype and Fortumo as examples of Finnish and Estonian mobile industry success.  

[NEW] 27-28 September, Mobile Giving Conference (Malibu, California, USA) The Innovative Giving Foundation and MobileCause announced a "mobile giving conference dedicated to helping non-profits understand, utilize, communicate, and raise funds through the emerging mobile giving marketplace while integrating with traditional already proven and other innovative fundraising solutions." If you register with the code "MC-IGF," you get half-priced admission and a free month of access to MobileCause. 

28 - 1 September/October, Mobile Web in Africa 2010 (Johannesburg, South Africa) Mobile Web in Africa covers the expanding field for mobile developers in Africa. The event is held in a roundtable format so that developers and techies can easily talk with and learn from each other, as the event covers where the industry is and where it can go - and what that means for the African tech community.

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