Mobile Events in June! Our Monthly Round-Up

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on May 28, 2010

June is exploding with events focused on mobiles for social change. Look at some of the places where the movers and shakers in the 'mobile world for good' will be gathering:

2 June, New York City, New York, USA: Personal Democracy Forum will host Mobilize Your Cause: A Bootcamp. The half-day event will provide insight into developing an effective mobile campaign, how to build an activist community, and new technologies that are making it easier to use mobiles for social causes. The event is followed by Personal Democracy Forum's two-day conference, (3-4 June) which will focus on exploring technology's impact on technology and government. will host the mobile portion of the bootcamp.

3 June, New York City, New York, USA:J Asia Society will feature a panel on Mobile Health: Viable and Scalable. The speakers will cover topics such as the role of mobiles in public health, the rising availability of mobiles, and ways in which mobiles can be used in the future.

9 June, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: As part of Net Change Week 2010, Toronto will host its first Mobile Tech 4 Social Change event. The event will be a training session that will cover mobile fundraising, mobile campaigns, and mobile volunteering.

10 June, Washington, D.C., USA: SMS4D-2 is a tech salon that focuses on using SMS for everything from microfinance, to m-health, to education. Attendees must register via SMS, so click through to find out more.

12 June, London, England, U.K.: Betavine Social Exchange and Vodafone are co-hosting Mobile Technology for Social Entrepreneurs. The event aims to provide a look at how social entrepreneurs can use mobiles to build up their networks, and to encourage social entrepreneurs to use mobile technology in their work.

12-13 June, Nairobi, Kenya: BarCamp Nairobi and WhereCamp Nairobi.  At the barcamp, an open environment where attendees can learn about everything from how to use ICT in rural areas to mobile app development, attendees will explore tech issues in Kenya, with a focus on geo-location and mapping (WhereCamp portion of the event).

22-23 June, Londan, England, U.K.: The 2010 Global Messaging Congress focuses on will feature over 40 industry thought leaders and innovators from companies including: O2, BT, Telecom Italia, Zain, T-Mobile, and Avea and will be embracing topics from fighting the commoditisation of messaging to assessing the future role of messaging in the mobile market. This is an industry event not focused on M4D.

23-25 June, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany: The MLOVE Confestival brings together 200 thought leaders and innovators in a series of talks and debates to discuss the potential of mobile to act as a catalyst for community change and inspiration.

Keep in Mind for July:

8 July, New York City, New York, USA:  Mark your calendars! will be hosting a Tech Salon; the theme will be Participatory Mobile Sensing. Tech Salons bring together passionate (and curious) individuals in a laid-back environment to discuss their passions, projects and tools. Register now!

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