March Madness! Mobile Events for the Month

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Mar 05, 2012

Ready for some mobile tech and social change events? This month has a little something for everyone – whether you're looking for a developing-focused convention, a discussion about open source solutions, or a women-oriented mobile tech night, March events have what you want. Read on for upcoming events:

  • Mobile Monday is an loosely organized, international community based around interest in mobile technology. Chapters hold get-togethers to discuss a variety of topics; here is a sampling of some of this month's events:
    • 5 March (Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania) This is a women-only event based around the theme “Social Media and What it Can Do for You.” There will be female bloggers, entrepreneurs, and students discussing how social media technology can be used for professional and personal uses.
    • 19 March (Sydney, Australia) If you're interested in monetizing your mobile work, check out this presentation from the Google Australia group.
    • 19 March (Washington, D.C., USA) This Mobile Monday event will focus on mobile opportunities in education.
  • 7-8 March, AITEC Banking and Mobile Money COMESA 2012 (Nairobi, Kenya) This is the 6th year of this mobile banking event, and this year the discussions will focus on regional banking, regulation and innovation, micro-finance, and Sharia-compliant banking. 
  • 9-13 March, South by Southwest: Interactive (Austin, USA) The South by Southwest Interactive conference brings together people who are passionate about new media technology. Click here to see who's presenting this year!
  • 12-15 March, ICTD 2012 (Atlanta, USA) Want to know more about ICT4D? The fifth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development is a four-day event with demonstrations, panels, workshops, and presentations all based on how computers and communication technology can be used to improve social, economic, and political climates.
  • 13-14 March, DroidCon (Berlin, Germany) If you're going to be in Germany in March, check out DroidCon – the world's largest independent Android developer gathering. From advice on freelance Android developing to discussions of new Android technology, this event is for Android lovers. 
  • 19-23 March, IDLELO 5 (Abuja, Nigeria) The theme of this IDLELO conference is "Open Source Solutions for Achieving Millennium Development Goals." If using free and open source software is important to you, check out this event.
  • 26-29 March, Mobile Money: Connected Americas Forum Conference and Expo (Mexico City, Mexico) This event looks at the pan-American mobile money industry, with a focus on Latin and Central America. Topics include branchless banking, industry regulation, cross-border transfer services, and banking the unbanked. 
  • 27-28 March, Social Media World Forum: Europe (London, UK) Can't stand being away from your Twitter feed? Meet like-minded people at the Social Media World Forum. The multi-track event (Social Media, Social TV, Social Shopping, or Marketing Tech) looks at the business and marketing side of using social media to foster engagement with your audience.

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