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The Innovative Use of Mobile Applications in East Africa

Research, Reports, and White Papers

... mobile broadband, mobile operators, mobile phone usage, mpesa, Rural Issues, sms, sustainability, USSD, village phones, Voice SMS, ...


July Mobile Events Round-Up

Blog Post

Countries: Israel Nigeria Singapore South Africa United States Image: This month, many of the events are more corporate, with a focus on informational conferences for larger organizations. B ...


Cash Transfers through Mobile Phones: An Innovative Emergency Response in Kenya

Research, Reports, and White Papers

Author: Dipankar Datta, Anne Ejakait, Kim Scriven Publication Type: Report/White paper Publication Date: 1 Aug 2009 Publisher/Journal: ALNAP Innovations Publication language: English ...


Scaling Mobile Services for Development: What Will It Take? A White Paper

Blog Post

Image: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for social and economic development in emerging economies have long been a focus of governments, the private sector, and most certainly donors and international development agenci ...


Mobile Phone Practices & The Design of Mobile Money Services for Emerging Markets

Research, Reports, and White Papers

Author: Jan Chipchase Publication Type: Report/White paper Publication Date: 1 Dec 2009 Publication language: English Abstract: There was a time when the adoption of mobile phones was ...


Surviving in the ‘Dual System’: How M‐PESA is Fostering Urban to Rural Remittances in a Kenyan Slum

Research, Reports, and White Papers

... Development, M-PESA, Microcredit, mobile payments, mpesa, Remittances) ...


What Makes a Successful Mobile Money Implementation? Learnings from M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania

Research, Reports, and White Papers

... or upload the paper itself. Upload Paper: mpesa_ke_tz.pdf (GSMA, kenya, Livelihood & Economic Development, ...


Can the Success of M-PESA be repeated? A Review of the Implementations in Kenya and Tanzania

Research, Reports, and White Papers

Author: Gunnar Camner, Emil Sjoblom Publication Type: Journal article Publication Date: 1 Jul 2009 Publisher/Journal: Valuable Bits Publication language: English Abstract: ...


Rip Van Winkle's Surprise: Critical Perspectives on Mobiles in Development and Social Change

Blog Post

Essay by Ethan Zuckerman in response to A Dialogue on ICTs, Human Development, Growth, and Poverty Reduction, first published on If we imagine Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle falling asleep in a developing nation i ...


We are all in the Long Tail of Mobile for Social Impact

Blog Post

Image: Ken Banks has a theory : The long tail theory of mobile applications for social development.  It goes something like this, paraphrasing him from his incendiary blog post: Mobiles are the most rapidly adopted techn ...