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Cash Aid via Mobile Payment in Kenya - An Evaluation

Blog Post

In early 2008 violence errupted in Kenya after the most recent elections there the previous December.  Post-election tribal warfare resulted in the death of 1,200 people, internally displaced 400,000 to 600,000 people, and destroyed more than 41,00 ...


Mobile Operators, Price Gouging, Innovation, and Txteagle -- A Critique by Steve Song

Blog Post

... pump manufacturer in Kenya who, by combining an mobile-mPesa-enabled, solar-powered metering system with their water pumps, have ... make a profit by selling access to water via Safaricom’s mPesa service.  Send the pump 20 Ksh and it pumps 20 litres of water for ...


M-Banking and M-Payments for Social Impact

Blog Post

... Information, Microcredit, mobile banking, mobileactive08, mpesa) ...


MobileActive08: Critical Analysis of Mobiles for Social Change

Blog Post

Image: Three hundred and eighty people gathered from all over the world in Johannesburg last week to discuss how mobile phones might be used for social and political purposes in developing countries. The event crackled with th ...


The Meek Shall Inherit the Web -- via their mobiles, no less

Blog Post

Image: MobileActive is a member of a new working group on the 'mobile web' for social development . (Discloure: we underwrote a recent event in Brazil of the group). Now the Economist has written a piece on the working group. Her ...


What is the M-PESA of Mobile Health?

Blog Post

Image: Mobile banking has been touted as such a wild success story for one simple reason: mobile phones have penetrated the market in rural areas of developing countries in the last five years more successfully than traditional bank ...


SMS as Information Channel in Post-Election Kenya

Blog Post

Image: Post-election violence has exploded in Kenya in the wake of the December 27 presidential elections. Ethnic killings -- which today's New York Times suggests may have been carefully planned -- have increased, and estimates of ...


Is mobile fundraising the next frontier for charities?

Blog Post

Image: The numbers speak for themselves: There are currently 236 million cell phone users in the U.S. – an astounding 76% penetration. In December of last year alone, 18.7 billion text messages were sent — up 92% from 9.7 billion i ...


Upwardly Mobile In Africa and India: Economic Development and Mobiles

Blog Post

Image: We are starting a series of articles on mobile phones in economic development this week and to kick it off, Business Week in its current issue published a few interesting summaries of the state of affairs in mobiles in economic d ...


Mobile Phones and Social Activism - An Ethan Zuckerman White Paper

Blog Post

Image: Ethan Zuckerman has written a solid overview of mobile phones in international activism. It is re-posted here under its Creative Commons license. For additional resources, see also the Strategy Guides on usi ...