November Events Round-Up

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Nov 03, 2010

Get ready for a month of mobile events with something for everyone! Interested in how ICTs can be used to help civil society organizations, or help manage crises? Or do you want to develop and monetize apps? This month, we've got you covered:

2 November, Global Pulse Tech Salon (New York City, USA): Interested in learning about how ICTs can be used during crises? The Global Pulse Tech Salon is hosting a gathering to focus on crisis management through data collection, citizen engagement, and the use of communications technologies.

2-4 November, Planet of the Apps (London, UK): This app-focused event is mainly for corporate brands and operators, with panels and presentations on building and marketing engaging apps.

4 November, Tech@State: Civil Society 2.0 (Washington, D.C., USA): A response to Hillary Clinton's Civil Society 2.0 project, the latest Tech@State (held in partnership with The World Bank) explores how technology can be used to help civil society organizations operate more efficiently. The event is full, but can be live-streamed or watched later on ustream.

5 November, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information: Mobile Money II (New York City, USA) Want to learn more about mobile money? This event covers everything from the economics of mobile money to its effect on traditional banking systems, and from the roles of telecoms and banks to the future of the industry.

8-10 November, mHealth Summit (Washington, D.C., USA): This event brings together researchers, developers, and policy makers to look at where the field of mobile health is currently, and how it can continue to grow in the future.

8-10 November, Open Mobile Summit (San Francisco, USA): The Open Mobile Summit brings together manufacturers, operators, and developers to discuss best practices for reaching audiences on the mobile web and apps. 

10-11 November, M4D2010 (Kampala, Uganda): M4D2010, a two-day conference with workshops, demonstrations, and panels "aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners and all those with interests in the use of Mobile Communication Technology for Development."

30-1 November/December, AppsWorld (London, U.K.): Another event that's focused more on corporate development, AppsWorld is a two-day look at how to monetize and develop mobile applications. 

Coming Up:

9 December, Tech Salon: Mobiles + Art + Activism (New York City, USA): We're hosting a tech salon on interactive art pieces that use mobiles for advocacy. Mark your calenders now for an evening of fun and learning, more info will be coming soon. 

Image via Flickr user Philippa Willitts


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