New Resource! Using Mobile Phones in Data Collection

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jan 11, 2009

Our field has discovered that mobile phones are useful tools for collecting data in the field.   As a result, there is an abundance of mobile data collection applications and projects.

Unlike bulk messaging and general information services that are targeting the general public as recipients of standardized messaging, mobile data collection applications are often used internally in an organization, customized to fit with existing organizational processes.

This may mean using services or applications that are not part of most people's day-to-day experience of mobile use. Add a liberal sprinkling of jargon (and the mobile world's plague of acronyms) and you have a recipe for much technical confusion. 

This overview by our colleague Melissa Loudon demystifies mobile data collection applications.  It gives an overview of defining information requirements  and outlines how to choose the most appropriate technology strategy for a specific organizational context and communication environment.  We also review a selection of commercial and non-commercial tools. For the full review, please see this How-To!



Recieve this email over the weekend and figured I'd pass it on to others whom may be looking for the same type of software but for free.

>>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >

A message to all members of global geospatial xperts

The majority of today’s location-based data collection solutions are overly complex, hardware specific, costly to integrate and maintain, and require extensive training and support.

Now there's Geodexy.

Geodexy is a simple-to-use, Web-based, mobile data collection application for virtually any industry or use case. With mimimal training, Geodexy users can create custom data collection forms, download them to any Windows Mobile™ device and be out collecting data in a matter of minutes.

The data, which can include photos, GPS points and more, can be instantly uploaded to a centralized server directly from anywhere and viewed in a Web browser.

Whether you are collecting points of interest for your own personal needs, or performing field collections and/or inspections for an organization, Geodexy makes the process easier and faster.

As a member of the Global Geospatial Xperts group on NING, we would like to extend you a special offer to download and use Geodexy today for absolutely no monetary investment. As a valued Geodexy user we would greatly appreciate your feedback, whether it’s a specific feature or function requirement, an idea or enhancement, or just a general comment.

Start the download process for Geodexy by visiting:

Please feel free to forward this special offer to colleagues or other acquaintances that may be interested in Geodexy.

Thanks for your involvement and feedback,

The Geodexy Team

Visit global geospatial xperts at:

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