Mobile (In)Security Redux: Comparing the Tools

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Sep 20, 2010

We have been very keen on exposing the security issues related to mobile communications for activists in insecure environments. To that end we have, to date, produced a number of how-to guides that evaluate some of the tools available.

A little while ago, we added a matrix of available tools that compares existing applications for secure communications more systematically. So, here is the line-up of mobile security resources on MobileActive for easy reference:

We will continue to pay close attention to this space as there are not enough tools and resources yet for activists and journalists to communicate securely via mobile. If you are aware of other projects or resources, please add a comment!

Photo courtesy: rafeblandford via flickr

Skype for Mobile


Suggest you also include Skype for mobiles in your list of tools offering mobile security. I've used the now discontinued Skype mobile client for Windows Mobile, on a Samsung i780 running Windows Mobile 6.5. The call quality was excellent on both 3G as well as WiFi, and the client offered the same degree of security as the PC based version. There are now clients for Symbian ( and the iPhone (, and perhaps soon, for the Blackberry and Android phones as well ( 

Of all these platforms, can't over emphasise the value of having an official, secure Skype client on Symbian, which is a platform far more in use than the iPhone or Blackberry in my country, and I suspect, many others. 


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