Mobile Phones in Human Rights: Reflections from Open Mobile Camp

Posted by admin on Nov 09, 2009

Mobile phones in human rights monitoring is still relatively rare and there are few examples where mobile shave been used successfully in this field. In this video from the recent Open Mobile Camp in New York, three experts are discussing their projects and thinking on the use of mobiles in human rights work.  Nathan Freitas discusses security issues in regard to using mobiles in this field and his project Guardian, Enrique Piraces from Human Rights Watch describes his thinking in regard to the use of mobiles in human rights work, and Emily Jacobi features Handheld Human Rights and the mobile tools that are part of the project.

Remedy to Security Issue

I understand the security issues being raised around this issue. However, with the advancement of technology we have also seen an increase in security software and components that allow us to have much better control over the privacy of information passing through both mobile devices and online portals. I think the security issue is something that can be looked into and resolved with the right tools and strategies.

Awesome to see coverage of the OMC

MobileActive folks ... thanks for getting this up so quickly! It's great to see coverage from the OMC.

I wanted to share a link to the slideshow I was using to describe Handheld Human Rights ... check it out here

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