March Events Round-Up

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Feb 25, 2011

2-3 March, Mobile Banking Southern Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa) This conference focuses on the potential of mobile banking for Southern Africa. Panelists will lead discussions on everything from mobile banking security to exploring ways to bring m-payments to the unbanked. If you want to learn more about how mobile banking is affecting Southern Africa, this is the event for you. 

7-9 March, AnDevCon (San Francisco, USA)
If you're interested in building and monetizing Android apps, check out  AnDevCon for workshops, classes and presentations about ways to build for the Android OS.

8-9 March, Mobile for the Cultural Sector (London, UK)
Want to know how cultural institutions can best utilize mobiles? This two-day event covers how organizations can use mobiles to reach new audiences and take advantage of social media; it also features workshops on developing and monetizing apps. 

10-12 March, IADIS Mobile Learning 2011 International Conference (Avila, Spain) Mobiles can be used in many ways for education; from literacy programs to math-teaching games, mobiles offer many possibilities for learning and teaching. The Mobile Learning 2011 Conference is a forum for the presentation and discussion of mobile learning research from around the world. Check it out to learn what's happening in the world of m-education.

20-22 March, The Big M (Bath, UK)
If you're interested in the business side of mobile development, look into The Big M for two days of sessions and workshops on mobile development, mobile design and mobile business.

23-24 March, DroidCon (Berlin, Germany)
Like Androids? Then DroidCon is the place for you. Two days of everything Android: a conference, barcamp and hackathon.

Varying dates, Mobile Monday (worldwide) Want to meet up with people in your area with an interest in the mobile industry? Mobile Monday hosts monthly events in over 100 cities around the world that focus on everything from pitching venture capitalists (2 March, Toronto, Canada), to using tablets (12 March, Seoul, Korea), to building relationships with other countries (28 March, St. Petersburg, Russia).

Photo via Flickr user Duncan

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