Lots of New Case Studies: Refugees United Goes Mobile, Reporting Gender-Based Violence, and Paying for Pumps with Mobile Money

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Oct 29, 2010

In our growing directory of case studies, you can find three new ones.  Enjoy! 

Can you find me now? Refugees United goes mobile to help reunite refugees

As part of a pilot project in Uganda, Refugees United is using mobile tools to help connect refugees who have been displaced by war, persecution, and natural disasters.

SMS SOS: Reporting Gender-Based Violence in Haiti

Since the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January, thousands of internally displaced persons are living in camps, where it is often not easy to report incidences of violence. An ongoing project from Survivors Connect uses mobile phones to support camp managers and community leaders to protect women and encourage people to report incidences.

Drop by Drop Gets the Pump: KickStart’s Mobile Layaway Service for Small-Scale Farmers

In September 2010, KickStart launched a pilot mobile layaway service to help small-scale farmers purchase irrigation pumps. 

Photo: Refugees United

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