Mobile Games About Climate Change

Posted by CorinneRamey on Jun 02, 2008

Within the next few months, ZMQ Software Systems will be launching new mobile games to educate people about climate change as part of its Connect2Climate initiative. The first three games that ZMQ will release are called Polar Teddy Quiz, Mission Lighting, and DeCarbonator. On their website, ZMQ explains why they choose to use mobile phones for the games:

Mobile is the device of the future, whether it is communication, information, education or gaming. As the devices are gaining strength, there is a simultaneous gain in scope. One of the most effective ways of spreading messages and creating awareness is by Play-n-Learn method through mobile games and mobile applications. This methodology makes learning not only exciting and engaging but helps in enhancement of knowledge and better retention of information.

ZMQ isn't new to the "edutainment" business. As we've written before on the MobileActive blog, ZMQ produced a series of games designed to educate people in India about HIV/AIDS.

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