Vote 4 Me: Thoughts On Mobile Technology and Politics In the USA

Posted by justinoberman on Aug 02, 2006

As the power of the teenager and the text message is becoming more and more evident, some political campaigns and non-profits are betting that this new hip mobile technology can change American politics as well, as it has already proven to do so throughout the world. This, at least, is the gist of a Newsweek article published titled "Vote 4 Me."

The major point of the article is asking whether a teen trend can be "turned into a weapon of choice for politicos hoping to energize their constituents? Some strategists are betting it can: Where 2004 saw the great blog campaign, we are likely to be talking about the great text-messaging campaign of 2008, says Joe Trippi, who, as Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign manager, was a pioneer in the use of the Internet as a fundraising and organizing tool. The technology is right on the cusp of becoming very big.

Mobile & Society

Interesting post and useful info, thanks...

I track mobile research & usage trends for a page I'm putting up on the future of mobile economy, and this is one area of keen interest to me - how the mobile technology is going to impact the society in future. In many regions across the world, mobiles are used in innovative ways, often unthought of by their inventors. It is quite well-known that blogging is a powerful social phenomenon today, and mobile blogging has just started taking off. All these together, along with the omnipresent text messaging, is sure to make mobiles a powerful influencer in politics too.

Just some thoughts, nice article, thanks again!

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