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How to Choose an SMS Vendor: A 30-Point Vendor Selection Checklist

Posted by MarkWeingarten on Jan 18, 2011
How to Choose an SMS Vendor: A 30-Point Vendor Selection Checklist data sheet 1853 Views
Soghaier, Marwan & Jared Reitzin
Publication Date: 
Jan 2010
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Report/White paper

The use of email by marketers to target audiences has been in serious use for the past 8 years. Equally as long, has been the use of SMS (short message service) or “texting” as generation Y so affectionately adopted that term. SMS has been in use in all parts for the world as a marketing, commerce and communication medium from everything to purchasing sodas from a vending machine to get stock tips and sports scores. Wide spread adoption in the North American market only started to pick up in the past  three years as businesses started realized the SMS was both a simple means to reach the minds and hearts of “handy” users while providing a cost effective means to manage brand equity, marketing communications and build a loyal customer following. With almost every type of business using SMS to grab customers or audiences, few know how to integrate SMS as part of a concerted marketing or CRM strategy to grow their business and generate ROI (Return On Investment). This document will touch on the key criteria for selecting an SMS vendor when looking for expertise to help your enterprise make better decisions on reaching and building an audience.

(Note: While targeting a commercial audience, some good tips for NGOs and nonprofits here as well)