Posted by wildneil on Sep 09, 2009
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Neil Bailey
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WildForm enables anyone to create their own recording form to gather data in the field.  This user-friendly tool means that you need not commission someone to create a surevy for you, just DIY!  WildForm replaces any pen and paper data gathering exercise and avoids painful data entry at the end of your data collation. 

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Brief Description: 

WildForm enables users to create their own mobile recording form for receiving and capturing data on location.

WildForm can replace any ‘pen and paper’ data gathering exercise and is ideal for undertaking mobile surveys, inventories or quizzes. 

Tool Category: 
App resides and runs on a mobile phone
Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 

WildForm offers a wide range of data-gathering options including:

  • Drop down lists;
  • Note taking facility;
  • Linking to device recording functions (GPS, camera, audio);
  • Multi-choice questions;
  • Linking to specified files and Web pages;
  • Likert survey scales;
  • Date and time stamp.

You can freely download any forms that have been shared by the community, whilst the WildKnowledge website can also be used to upload, store and interrogate your data via reports and maps.

Main Services: 
Voting, Data Collection, Surveys, and Polling
Location-Specific Services and GIS
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Currently deployed
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All phones/Mobile Browser
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Organizations Using the Tool: 

Uk schools, colleges and universities. Conservation groups.

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Languages supported: 
Forms in English
Handsets/devices supported: 
Any device with a web browser, functionality (e.g. offline storage, GPS reading) will vary according to browser capabilities
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