Featured Research: Scaling Up Mobile Health

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Jan 05, 2012

What makes a mobile health project successfuly grow? What causes so many m-health projects to wither or fail? And what can practitioners learn from existing m-health projects to build growth into programs for the future? "Scaling Up Mobile Health: Elements Necessary for the Successful Scale Up of mHealth in Developing Countries" examines these questions by looking at nine case studies on successful mobile health projects and pulling out the key strategies that led to successful growth. 

The case studies cover a wide array of health issues, including maternal and early childhood health (ChildCount+, Pesinet, Project Mwana, Tele Salud), medication stocking and verification (mPedigree, SMS for Life), disease outbreak monitoring (mTRAC), and HIV/AIDS awareness (SMS for Health, Txt Alert); the report details how the projects deal with issues like local buy-in, scale, and sustainability. "Scaling Up Mobile Health" is broken up into three sections: case studies, best practices, and recommendations for future m-health projects.

The main lessons from the report focus on what has worked within the highlighted case studies and what is needed for future m-health projects to be successful. Below is a summary of the key points and takeaways from the report: