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Senegal: Monitoring and Mapping the Election

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Feb 27, 2012

The election in Senegal has been contentious with election monitors reporting numerous violations at the polling stations but also noting where the process went well.  A new online system, SeneVote2012, developed by One World, maps incidences and poll reports by the accredited election reporters of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Elections (COSCE). 

According to One World, COSCE, the on-the-ground partner, deployed 500 trained observers reporting on the voting process at 1500 polling stations around the country.  The observers sent data directly from the polling stations via SMS. By the time of this writing there we more than a 1,000 reports, both indicating peaceful conduct at the polls as well as irregularities. COSCE is an independent election monitoring colaition that regularly publishes its findings in order to help strengthen the electoral process. COSCE election monitors are accredited by the Senegalese Election Commission.

SMS-powered election monitoring has been deployed numerous times, most recently in Nigeria where 8,000 trained monitors systematically reported on the conduct and results of the election via SMS.  

What is new here is the close-to real-time mapping of the monitor's reports. 

As One World points out, the COSCE reports and map should not be confussed with citizen reporting:  

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Ask about Sex via Text: Teenagers 'Learn About Living' in Nigeria

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Feb 03, 2008

Can I get HIV after having sex for the first time? So goes one of the ten thousand SMS messages that teenagers in Nigeria have sent to Learning about Living.


Learning About Living is a project by One World UK, Nigerian NGOs, the MTN Foundation, and the Nigerian Department of Education using computers and mobile phones to teach Nigerian teenagers about sexuality and HIV/AIDS prevention.