October 2009

October Mobile Events Round-up

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Sep 21, 2009

Here are some mobile events for the month of October that we thought are noteworthy and of interest to the MobileActive.org community. If you know of others, please mail us at info at MobileActive dot org.

Tue Oct 13 – Wed Oct 14 : Mobile Web Africa, South Africa (Johannesburg)

The first Mobile Web Conference in Africa is a two-day event in Johannesburg that focuses on some of these key questions: How will the mobile industry evolve to a point where the vast majority of people have access to the mobile web and the content they want to view? How can societal and economic problems be tackled by the development of the capabilities of the mobile device?

Wed October 21- Sat Oct 24 : PopTech, United States (Maine)

PopTech explores major trends shaping our future, the social impact of new technologies, and new approaches to addressing the world’s most significant challenges.  Several PopTech Fellows are part of the MobileActive.org community, including Deb Levine from Isis.inc, a leader in using mobile phones for sexual health education.