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Betavine Social Exchange Needs Your Help!

Posted by SteveWolak on Nov 15, 2009

Would you give 15 minutes of your time for a really good cause (and a chance to win a prize)?

Vodafone has recently launched a new version of Betavine, the open mobile application community. This new version encompasses a pilot project called "Social Exchange", which aims to foster the creation of mobile solutions for problems in the developing world.

The project’s aim is to create a website that brings developers, NGOs and community organisations together in order to develop mobile solutions to some of the difficulties faced by people in the developing world. Your input will help Vodafone to make this worthwhile project into a real success.

By participating in a quick and easy online process, you'll also have the chance to enter a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher or one of two £25 ones. If you are willing to help, please go to the following webpage, which will explain everything you need to know:

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September Mobile Events - A Roundup

Posted by LeighJaschke on Aug 31, 2009

Here are some mobile events for the month of September that we thought are noteworthy and of interest to the community. If you know of others, please mail us at  info at MobileActive dot org.

Wed Sep 2 – Fri Sep 4: M4Life, Barcelona

mDevelopment, one of the three events at the conference, explores the impact of mobile technologies on economic and social development.

Fri Sep 4: Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Bangalore

Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camps are local events for people passionate about using mobile technology for social impact and to make the world a better place.

Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Camp in Bangalore includes:

Mobile Tech 4 Social Change and Halifax

Posted by on May 09, 2009

I attended Mobile Tech 4 Social Change in New York back in February. It was a bit of a trek from Halifax, Nova Scotia but Jacob Colker (co-founder of The Extraordinaries) convinced me it was good opportunity to meet like-minded people interested in using mobile technologies for social good. Jacob was right, I was absolutely blown away by the incredible people devoting their lives to helping make the world a better place. I was so inspired by the event, I decided to organize the same event in Halifax.

The Role of Academic Research in Mobiles for Social Change or How Do We Bridge the Gap?

Posted by HeatherCole-Lewis on May 04, 2009

Midway through last week’s Mobile Tech 4 Social Change BarCamp in Washington DC, my fellow public health student, Ada Kwan, and I were inspired to propose a session on the role of academic research in the current mobile movement – a topic of many of our personal conversations. 

Among the participants were representatives from academia (including but not limited to public health, computer science, information technology, and political science), industry, NGOs, funding agencies, and government.  The session sparked very constructive dialogue that I would like to share.   

As the session unfolded, the complexity of this idea quickly became evident.  The original question—what is the role of academic research in mobiles for social change— opened the floodgates for more difficult questions: