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Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 20, 2009

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MXit data sheet 1959 Views
Organization that developed the Tool: 
Main Contact: 
Marnus Freeman
Problem or Need: 

It is cheaper to communicate messages using the data channel on phones than it is to send individual SMS's.

Main Contact Email : 
Brief Description: 

MXit provides and instant messenger and social networking software application that allows one to chat from mobile or PCs for none other than data/internet costs. Users can connect with Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, AIM, or Windows Live Messenger contacts. In South Africa, the service is reported to cost fractions of a cent for sending a message that is as short as an SMS.

Tool Category: 
Runs on a mobile phone
Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 

Instant Messaging Application with Low Costs of Messaging; Large Young User Base in South Africa and Indonesia, and growing elsewhere.

Main Services: 
Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
Tool Maturity: 
Currently deployed
Mobile Linux
Palm OS
S60 Web Runtime
Windows Mobile
Program/Code Language: 
Number of Current End Users: 
Over 100,000
Number of current beneficiaries: 
Over 100,000
Support Forums:
Handsets/devices supported:
Is the Tool's Code Available?: 
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Global Regions: 

FrontlineSMS: A Review

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Nov 12, 2008

In our ongoing reviews of mobile tools focused on the NGO sector, here is our latest edition: A review of FrontlineSMS, the much-written-about desktop SMs bulk messaging tool. We take a look at some use cases, outline technical considerations in using Frontline, and describe the tests that we ran.

From the review:  

Firstly, and most importantly for many users, FrontlineSMS provides a simple way to send and receive SMS on a laptop or desktp, with contact management and grouping ability for bulk messaging.   Provided installation comes off without a hitch and you are using a supported phone, this should allow new users to get started quickly, after which they can explore some of the more advanced functionality.