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Health and the Mobile Phone

Posted by MohiniBhavsar on Jul 30, 2010
Health and the Mobile Phone data sheet 2465 Views
K. Patrick, W.G. Griswold, F. Raab, S.S. Intille
Publication Date: 
Jan 2008
Publication Type: 
Journal article

This paper provides an overview of the implications of this trend for the delivery of healthcare services and population health. In addition to addressing how mobile phones are changing the way health professionals communicate with their patients, a summary is provided of current and projected technologic capabilities of mobile phones that have the potential to render them an increasingly indispensable personal health device. Finally, the health risks of mobile phone use are addressed, as are several unresolved technical and policy-related issues unique to mobile phones. Because these issues may influence how well and how quickly mobile phones are integrated into health care, and how well they serve the needs of the entire population, they deserve the attention of both the healthcare and public health community.