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Monitoring and Evaluation Report of PDAs for Malaria Monitoring in Maputo Province, Mozambique: Final Report

Posted by MohiniBhavsar on Aug 14, 2010
Monitoring and Evaluation Report of PDAs for Malaria Monitoring in Maputo Province, Mozambique: Final Report data sheet 1534 Views
Jamo Macanze
Publication Date: 
Jan 2007
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

The overall goal of the PDAs for Malaria Monitoring in Maputo and Gaza Provinces, Centre was to improve the management of public health dat using handheld computers in order to provide the malaria program the Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative (LSDI) with appropriate assessment tools and the ability to make informed decisions.

The specific objectives of the project that would contribute to the achievement of the overall goal were

  1. to enable personnel from District level of the health service to collect data and provide it to the Provincial level in a timely fashion;
  2. to develop training courses and appropriate collection tools designed for use with handheld computers; and
  3. to evaluate the utility of handheld computers for the malaria control program to provide data rapidly and accurately to allow better targeting of interventions and resources.

AED-SATELLIFE developed and successfully deployed electronic data collection tools which catalog drug and rapid diagnostic test stocks; spray operators daily work performance; weekly health facility data; localization of individual households with GPS, including demographic data on household members, house structure and divisions; and health facility surveys linked to GPS positioning. Training materials were developed inPortuguese.

Independent evaluation confirmed that the electronic data collection/transmission tools proved to be a useful, adoptable, and result in higher user satisfaction compared to paper based approaches. Some challenges need to be addressed before there can be widespread adoption of the technology, such as limited infrastructure, especially cellular coverage.

ComVu LiveCast

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Sep 30, 2009
ComVu LiveCast data sheet 4540 Views
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ComVu allows live streaming video from 3G phones, and GPS tracking. 

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LiveCast is a service that enables a user to stream live video from a cameraphone to anyone connected to the Web. Location can be tracked on a map, auto-post streams to social networks like Twitter and YouTube, and chat in real-time. Orginating LiveCast is received by an automated streaming server network, where it is "propagated" to be streamed to as many concurrent viewers as requires. Content is also instantly archived on LiveCast servers, for post event video-on-demand delivery.

Tool Category: 
App resides and runs on a server
Key Features : 


  • Streaming live video from cameraphones
  • Real-time chatting
  • GPS tracking


Main Services: 
Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
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Currently deployed
Windows Mobile
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  • The Dallas Morning News
  • NBC Universal
  • Harper Collins


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Compatible mobile devices for LiveCast currently include Symbian, Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows PocketPC 2003, and Windows CE devices.
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