Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact: The Future is Now

Posted by EKStallings on May 01, 2012
Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact: The Future is Now data sheet 123 Views
Gahran, Amy, Jeff Perlstein
Publication Date: 
Apr 2012
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

Mobile strategies provide tremendous opportunities for funders interested in strengthening grantees' social impact and generating a strong return on investment. The technology required is (relatively) inexpensive, nearly ubiquitous and already in the hands of underserved communities. Unfortunately, despite many proven successes, clear best practices, and numerous available approaches, funding for U.S.-based projects still lags significantly behind international deployments. What, then, do funders need to under- stand to support their grantees in seizing these opportunities? How can funders support mobile projectsbeyond fundraising campaigns and communicat- ing via social media? What are strategies to help grantees realize the broader potential to amplify program impact? This paper takes on these questions and provides background information derived from interviews with practitioners and secondary research. Examples are given from various mobile projects by and for underserved communities, on issues that range from health disparities to work- force development and more.


Upcoming Funding Opportunities and Contests for Journalists

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 18, 2009

The Mobile Media Toolkit would like to point out to journalists working everywhere of a few funding opportunities and competitions that are coming up.

Funding Opportunities and Awards for MobileActives

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Aug 13, 2008

Below are some awards and funding opportunities that we have come across that might be of interest to the MobileActive community. None of the opportunities listed are adinistered by MobileActive; we are just the messenger!

Women in Science Competition
Recognising women scientists in sub-Saharan Africa who are "engaged in innovative and pioneering research and communicating the outputs - knowledge, technologies, approaches - for enhancing agricultural  performance in sub-Saharan Africa." This competition is also designed for women scientists who are repackaging and communicating existing knowledge to improve the agricultural productivity and livelihoods of rural communities, or who are advocating for policy change to optimise the benefits of scientific and technological developments. Deadline: August 15 2008, more information here.