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Setting up an SMS Campaign from your Desktop

Posted by benrigby on Jul 29, 2009
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This document describes the second way – bootstrapping your way to a texting campaign by using Desktop SMS Hubs on a tiny budget and with a minimum of technical expertise.

This method focuses on using software that you download and install on your personal computer that can control the texting software on your mobile phone. Using a simple cable from your mobile phone to your PC along with this software, you’ll have your own personal text messaging system set up in under an hour. Let’s look at a simple diagram that shows your laptop connected to your mobile phone, communicating wirelessly (sending and receiving texts) with any number of mobile phones.


Over the last several years, it’s become clear that mobile phones are becoming one of the most influential devices in our social, political, and civic lives. Savvy nonprofit organizations and NGOs are experimenting with using mobile phones as persuasive devices to recruit new supporters, organize groups, and advocate for causes.

Thus far, most of the successful mobile-phone campaigns have relied on text messaging as their persuasive technology of choice. It’s the only mobile phone technology that works reliably across the majority of mobile phones in most countries. In addition, most people in most countries are familiar with text messaging.

Many organizations want to use text messaging in their campaigns. However, the barriers to setting up a texting campaign appear to be steep. The process seems expensive, technical, and complex overall.

There is good news.

Setting up a text messaging campaign

There are two ways to set up a text campaign that require little technical knowledge – and one of these is inexpensive.