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Dr. Kim Mallalieu
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The ubiquitous nature of mobile technology has undoubtedly impacted development initiatives across the globe.  The Caribbean region in particular has demonstrated high penetration of mobile devices in all facets of society.  The integration of mobile devices, adaptive technologies and services into the lives of once marginalized communities thus makes a strong case for outreach and inclusion.  The mFisheries initiative focuses its attention on the Caribbean small scale fishing industry, with particular emphasis on Trinidad and Tobago.

mFisheries aims to develop capacity in the Caribbean to pursue opportunities arising from the provision of innovative mobile-enabled services for its poor communities, and to provide related empirical data and analysis to inform Caribbean policy and regulation.  

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 mFisheries is a suite of mobile applications developed for persons involved in fisheries such as small scale fisher-folk, processors, retailers, wholesalers and consumers.  

Although mFisheries was originally designed solely for use on Google's Android operating system, due to widespread regional interest, versions have been developed for all smart phone platforms. 



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App resides and runs on a mobile phone
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 mFisheries has been hard at work at giving access to a wider range of pariticpants through the use of mobile ICT and is proud to present the following open source application versions:

  1. mFisheries Full - This is a smart phone version built for Android operating systems.  This version includes a virtual fisheries market place, daily fish market prices, GPS navigation, a compass, first aid companions, SOS emergency signal and more.  This application is designed to work in Trinidad and initiaties at sea tracking once the phone is outside Trinidad's land boundary
  2. mFisheries Web - This is an online website version built for persons who may prefer to use a computer such as retail stores, wholesalers and consumers. This version includes a virtual fisheries market place, daily fish market prices and more
  3. mFisheries Mobile Browser - This version is accessible from the mobile web browser of most smart phones.  It gives users access to a virtual fisheries market place and daily fish market prices
  4.  mFisheries Blackberry - This version is built specifically for the Blackberry operating system.  It will give users access to a virtual fisherier market place and daily fish market prices. This version is available for download in Blackberry App World
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Location-Specific Services and GIS
Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
Information Resources/Information Databases
Stand-alone Application
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All phones/Mobile Browser
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 The University of the West Indies and Fisher-folk associations in Trinidad 

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Under 100
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Under 100
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Over the phone support
Bi Monthly Face to Face Meetings
'Help-Desk' application on phone
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All internet accessible handsets
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