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Posted by TextToChange on Aug 26, 2009
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Hajo van Beijma
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In Africa alone, one million mobile phones are being added every week. The mobile phone is mostly being used as a person-to-person communication tool and that’s why the Dutch NGO Text to Change came up with the idea to use it as an educational tool on health. When TTC started in 2007 there were no case studies or proofs of concept on text message-based health education programs. TTC started a pilot in Uganda with the help of mobile phone experts, infectious diseases professionals and software developers; and has now expanded its program for a variety of clients and additional countries.


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Text to Change (TTC) combines the need for innovative health education with the growth in use of mobile phones. Supported by African mobile providers, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FC Barcelona and other partners, Text to Change uses SMS to challenge mobile phone users on their health knowledge, refer them to HIV testing sites and gather sex and age data from participants which can be analyzed alongside the location of caller. Text to Change works location-based and is able to involve 20% of the local population in its quizzes. Data analysis show that 60% of respondents have basic knowledge on health with an average age of 19, and 45% female participation. Participants of these free multiple choice quizzes maintain their anonymity. They can win mobile phone minutes and soccer shirts as an incentive for participating. If a participant sends in a correct or wrong answer, he or she will receive a confirmation or correction SMS.

Tool Category: 
Runs on a server
Key Features : 

Text to Change (TTC) developed software in Uganda to be installed on a FreeBSD server directly connected to the sms connection of a mobile operator. TTC can log on remotely to that server to setup its text message programs. TTC the acquires a zero rated short code, negotiates connections to as many providers as possible and makes the text message services free of charge.

Main Services: 
Bulk SMS
Voting, Data Collection, Surveys, and Polling
Location-Specific Services and GIS
Text to Change Software
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Currently deployed
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All phones -- SMS
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Text to Change controls the software and hardware and conducts programs for organisations like:
-Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-Family Health International
-The Aids Information Center
-Kinyara Sugar, Uganda
-Kasese Cobalt Company, Uganda

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Number of current beneficiaries: 
Over 100,000
Languages supported: 
English, Runyoro, Luganda, Lutooro
Handsets/devices supported: 
All mobile phones that can receive SMS.
*UN Foundation/ Vodafone Foundation report: http://www.texttochange.com/mHealth_for_Development_TTC.pdf * ZAIN: http://www.texttochange.com/ZAIN-TTC.pdf * The Aids Information Center, Uganda: http://www.texttochange.com/AIC-TTC%20Arua.pdf
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Text to Change is open sourcing its software at the end of 2009
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