Impeach, oust the fake Philippine president

Posted by tonyo on Jun 24, 2006

On Monday, June 26, people's organizations and prominent individuals will file an impeachment complaint against Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for crimes that include foisting a de facto dictatorship, curtailment of civil liberties, the mass killing of activists and other acts that aimed to cover-up her tracks in the fraud she committed in the 2004 elections. A vigil has been arranged jointly by the mass movement outside Congress and the congressional opposition so that the said impeachment complaint would be filed ahead of any sham impeachment complaint that may be lodged by allies of Mrs. Arroyo. (Last year, a lawyer was the first to file such a complaint, but it was so weak the opposition had to amend it. Congress rejected the amendments and voted on the basis of the lawyer's week complaint. Nobody wishes the lawyer to mke a repeat.) Mobile phones are endlessly buzzing, in an effort to mobilize thousands, if not tens of thousands, to form a human barricade just outside Congress. The barricade would start in the form of a vigil starting tonight, and ends with the filing of the impeachment complaint at the opening of Congress' office hours at 8:00 am tomorrow. All the major and minor groups, all the principal leaders and other oppositionists, are inviting their forces and allies through mobile phones, SMS advisories are sent to the media, and secret SMS messages are surely being exchanged on easy-to-acquire/dispose prepaid mobiles. Even the other side, the Dark Side, are of course expected to use mobiles to line up the pro-Arroyo solons for a loyalty check, prevent them from endorsing the impeachment, or to bribe them via SMS. With 80 percent of the population demanding Arroyo's ouster, a fair, transparent impeachment is being considered by some as an antidote to the smouldering crisis of illegitimacy. But if the impeachment process is foiled again in the most scndalous way, People Power may again be a few SMS messages away.