Online reader on mobile phones and activism #1

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I compiled an initial list of papers and articles on the use of mobile phones for activism. It includes research papers, presentations and commentaries. If you know of other links, please comment and post them there for inclusion in the next installment.

Find the compilation here

Philippines' TXTPower turns 7

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TXTPower was born on Aug. 27, 2001, a few months after the People Power 2 revolt of mobile phone-wielding Filipinos. Six years into the future, TXTPower is now known as an advocate of consumer rights, civil liberties and the creative use of mobile phones for social change.

The group's convenors in 2001 never expected TXTPower to last longer than the campaign to protest the "free text reduction" implemented by telcos Smart and Globe.

Soon after the campaign that delayed the implementation of the "free text reduction" through court cases and high-profile protests, we continued and raised the level of TXTPower advocacy: We stood up against repeated attempts to impose a "text tax" -- culminating in the frontpage banner story that rocked Congress and compelled the Speaker to promise to the nation that no "text tax" will be enacted.

SIM card registration -- purportedly to address crime and terror -- is likewise another Frankenstein that refuses to die. But TXTPower is relentless in opposing it to preserve the right to privacy of the public.


Impeach, oust the fake Philippine president

On Monday, June 26, people's organizations and prominent individuals will file an impeachment complaint against Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for crimes that include foisting a de facto dictatorship, curtailment of civil liberties, the mass killing of activists and other acts that aimed to cover-up her tracks in the fraud she committed in the 2004 elections. A vigil has been arranged jointly by the mass movement outside Congress and the congressional opposition so that the said impeachment complaint would be filed ahead of any sham impeachment complaint that may be lodged by allies of Mrs. Arroyo. (Last year, a lawyer was the first to file such a complaint, but it was so weak the opposition had to amend it. Congress rejected the amendments and voted on the basis of the lawyer's week complaint. Nobody wishes the lawyer to mke a repeat.)


New Year’s Top 10 wish list for texters and mobile activists (Philippines)

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As we countdown to the end of 2005 and the start of 2006, allow me to share this list of best wishes for everyone who likes mobiles and uses them for activism:

1. Low call and text rates – Some say that we have far lower call and text rates compared with our Asian neighbors and those in other places but Filipinos do not live in similar conditions. A five-minute local mobile call in the Philippines eats up as much as 20 percent of a day’s minimum wage! Meanwhile, texting ought to be provided on a flat rate, unlimited basis simply because this service is already integral in GSM mobile technology. This means that the telcos Globe, Smart and Sun could provide it for free, and if not for free, at really low rates considering that they do not spend additional dollars of pesos just to provide the service. Lest we forget, SMS is built-in in GSM mobile technology.


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