How to Follow and Participate in MobileActive08 From Afar

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Oct 13, 2008

As more than 300 mobile social innovators set out to Johannesburg to convene at MobileActive08, we wanted to let you know how you can follow the proceedings and participate remotely.  We will be blogging many of the amazing sessions here on this blog, on MobileActive08's blog; and you can follow and discuss proceedings through these channels:

  • Flixwagon:  Thanks to support from Flixwagon, we will be streaming select sessions and discussions on a special MobileActive08 channel on Flixwagon.  Watch for the widget here, and thank you Flixwagon!
  • YouTube:  We will post interviews and video to the MobileActiveOrg channel on YouTube daily, so check out the latest from the participants there!
  • Twitter: Watch MobileActive's twitter channel; the hashtag for MobileActive08 is #mobileactive08. 
  • Facebook:  MobileActive's facebook pages are here (our non-profiot page) and here (the cause) and we'll post pics and links on both the cause and the fan page.
  • flickr:  We'll post pics from MobileActive on flickr tagged with 'mobileactive08.'
  • Blogs:  The tag for blogposts from MobileActive08 is 'mobileactive08' and technorati and other content is aggregated here.We'll post blog entries both here and on
  • Notes from the sessions will be be posted on the MobileActive08 Confabb conference site. Thank you, Confabb!

See you online, virtually, and in Johannesburg!

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