Clever Social Marketing/Mobile Campaign#2: Young Creatives' MTV Mobile Ad: Go Low Carbon

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Dec 19, 2007

Mobile social adverts - and the winner is here. MTV Networks International and Nokia teamed up earlier this year in a new campaign called MTV Switch to to inform, entertain and encourage climate-conscious behaviour amongst global youth, driving traffic to MTV.

During the 2007 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, Young Creative Film Competitors on a 48 hour mission to shoot a 30-second advert using the Nokia N93i to be used on TV, mobile and the web that encourages 15-25 year olds to adopt new energy-saving lifestyles, making it cool to be green. All submissions shot on the Nokia N93 are here - judge for yourself!

While the competitors were shootings their PSAs,camera crews using video-optimised Nokia N93i devices accompanied them for a Nokia-sponsored documentary on the process. (yes, there is a bit of head-spinning Reservoir Dog going on here...). That behind-the-scenes mobile film "Short Film Shooutout: Cannes" is available for viewing online after December 20 on the Nokia Cannes site.

Goes to show you that you do not need a lot of expensive video equipment to make a social statement - mobile video is impactful. The videos, sadly, are not very poliitical and most of the calls to action amount to not much more than unplugging (and having sex, as it were). Nokia and MTV are also getting a lot of mileage out of this (more than the actual action?) But hey, some of the mobile shorts are quite good.

Disclosure: Nokia was a supported of the recent MobileActive07 conference in Brazil. But that is not why we like mobile short with a message!

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